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Satisfactory takes place on a single World (or "Map"). The map is hand-crafted and features no procedural generation.[1] The world is 30 km2 (or 5.4 km x 5.4 km).[1] There are multiple biomes present in the world including deserts, forests, lakes, Grass fields, mountains, caves, and strange alien terrain.[2][3] The landscape of map cannot be deformed or changed in any way nor terraformed.[4] There is no changing weather in the world,[5] however there is a Day/Night cycle. Although some machines visibly emit smoke or smog, there is no concept of pollution and thus creatures will never attack the factory.[6]

The world also contains creatures for the engineer to encounter, several of which are hostile.

Starting areas[edit | edit source]

The player can choose one of three locations to start in: the grass fields, rocky desert, or northern forest.

Grass fields[edit | edit source]

A large area that is open and flat with frequent patches of biomass, making building easier but distances longer.

Rocky desert[edit | edit source]

A barren, medium-sized area bordering the sea which is mostly flat, with nicely balanced distances and building opportunities, but limited biomass.

Northern forest[edit | edit source]

A small but lush mountainous area surrounded by varied biomes, making building harder but biomass a common resource.

Biomes[edit | edit source]

According to the Map, there are a total of 17 named biomes, 3 of which are the starting areas:[7]

  • Abyss Cliffs
  • Crater
  • Desert Canyons
  • Dune Desert
  • Grass Fields
  • Lake Forest
  • Maze Canyons
  • No Man's Land
  • Northern Forest
  • Red Bamboo Fields
  • Red Jungle
  • Rocky Desert
  • Savanna
  • Southern Forest
  • Swamp
  • Titan Forest
  • Western Dune Forest

A fan-made map with highlighted regions can be found on reddit.[8] [9]

World traversal[edit | edit source]

Regardless of where you are in the world and what parts of it are loaded, your factories and vehicles will continue to run.[10]

Players are discouraged from exploring off the edges of the map by a lack of resources and collectibles. If a player continues out of pure curiosity, they will go out-of-bounds, and begin taking about 1 health segment per second in damage. Unlike the poison gas, the out-of-bounds damage can be blocked by piloting a vehicle (which will then take the damage instead). Buildings can be constructed as normal in the out-of-bounds zone.

If the player somehow falls out the bottom of the world, the out-of-bounds damage will kick in, followed shortly by instant death (even if you are in a vehicle).

Map Size[edit | edit source]

  • The map size is 5.4km x 5.4km as mentioned officially.
  • The 'border of death' is not a cuboid. On the x-y plane it is polygonally shaped roughly following the island shape.
  • The player take damage beyond z = 0 and z = 3km.(more measurement needed) It is not measured whether the z-axis border is at uniform height.
  • The East-to-West border is measured 7456 meters (932 foundations).
  • Player could further build out 100 meters beyond the border of death while staying within the border. Buildings will not be damaged by this border.

Day-night cycle[edit | edit source]

One day in Satisfactory lasts for 50 real world minutes, the night time is 5 min long and the day time is 45 min long. Both suns rise in the North-West and set in the South-East.

Gravity[edit | edit source]

The world's gravitational acceleration is measured to be about 11.2 m/s^2.

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