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Primarily used as fuel. Biomass Burners and vehicles can use it for power.
Stack Size 100
Energy (MJ) 100
Stack Energy (MJ) 10000
Burn Time 5s
Stack Burn Time 8m 20s

Wood is an organic resource that can be found on the ground and collected, or it can be gathered with the Chainsaw by cutting trees.

Usage[edit | edit source]

It can be used as fuel in the Biomass Burner or it can be crafted into Biomass which is a more efficient fuel. It can be refined even further into more efficient Biofuel which can also be used in the Biomass Burner, or as fuel for the Chainsaw or Vehicles.

IngredientsTime (s)Product
5 ×  Wood 4 25 ×  Biomass (Wood)
1 ×  Wood 4 10 ×  Wood Coal alt