Water Extractor

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Water Extractor
Water Extractor.png
Default extraction rate: 120 m³ (120k liters) per minute.
Default pressure: 10, allowing a 10 meter vertical rise of liquids.
Extracts water from the body of water it is built on. Note that the water needs to be deep enough and rivers do not commonly suffice.
Category Production
Power Usage 20 MW
Overclockable Yes
Pieces Made
Copper Sheet.png
Reinforced Iron Plate.png
Resources breakdown [Expand]
20 ×  Copper Sheet
40 ×  Copper Ingot
40 ×  Copper Ore
10 ×  Reinforced Iron Plate
60 ×  Iron Plate
90 ×  Iron Ingot
90 ×  Iron Ore
120 ×  Screw
30 ×  Iron Rod
30 ×  Iron Ingot
30 ×  Iron Ore
10 ×  Rotor
250 ×  Screw
63 ×  Iron Rod
63 ×  Iron Ingot
63 ×  Iron Ore
50 ×  Iron Rod
50 ×  Iron Ingot
50 ×  Iron Ore
Total Base Ingredients
233 ×  Iron Ore
40 ×  Copper Ore

The Water Extractor is a building used to pump Water out of water bodies. It has one Pipeline output with 10 pressure.

Construction[edit | edit source]

  • Although the encroaching limit is about 20m x 20m, the space required to place it down is about 25m x 25m. As such it is recommended to place the Water Extractor down first, then build Foundations around it.
  • It cannot be snapped to Foundations, regardless if the Foundation is built above water or underwater.
  • Sometimes, it can be difficult to place the Water Extractor down due to the depth of the water and the view angle. It is advised to stand on higher elevation instead of just above the water level.

History[edit | edit source]

Image of the water extractor shown in the Update 3 Trailer