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A truck arriving at an outpost.

There are 6 vehicles that engineers can use to travel and transport items: Tractors, Explorers, Trucks, Cyber Wagons, Factory Carts and Trains . Like buildings, vehicles can be painted in color.[1] There is no cap on the number of vehicles in the world.[2] Engineers and all living creatures (such as Lizard Doggos) can be run over by vehicles, dealing no damage to the target.[3]

Wheeled vehicles[edit | edit source]

The Self-driving menu for a wheeled vehicle.

Tractors, Explorers, Trucks, Cyber Wagons and Factory Carts can either be driven by the engineer or automated using the self driving menu (accessed using V) and recording a path.[4] When recording, waypoints (displayed as blue triangles) are placed periodically along the vehicle path.[4] Self-driving does not work when the engineer is riding the vehicle.

The automation uses waypoints for pathing: It's a point to point system, which means vehicles will always face the current waypoint until they reach it to target the next waypoint.[4]

Self driving requires a clear straight path between waypoints and a closed loop of waypoints to work optimally. If a vehicle collides with an obstacle (including another vehicle), it will reverse and adjust its course, but vehicles will not actively avoid each-other.[5]

Fuel consumption[edit | edit source]

Wheeled vehicles require fuel items to operate, and are not picky as to what qualifies as fuel. Different fuel items are consumed at different rates, based on what item is used as well as which vehicle. The Tractor consumes the least fuel, followed by the Truck and the Explorer which consumes the most. Below is a table of how long does one fuel item last at constant maximum acceleration in seconds.

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Fuel MJ Tractor
acceleration time (s)
acceleration time (s)
acceleration time (s)
Cyber Wagon
acceleration time (s)
 Leaves 15 0.27 0.2 0.16 0.1
 Fabric 15 0.27 0.2 0.16 0.1
 Mycelia 20 0.36 0.26 0.22 0.13
 Wood 100 1.81 1.33 1.11 0.67
 Flower Petals 100 1.81 1.33 1.11 0.67
 Biomass 120 2.18 1.6 1.33 0.8
 Alien Organs 250 4.54 3.33 2.77 1.67
 Alien Carapace 250 4.54 3.33 2.77 1.67
 Coal 270 4.90 3.6 3 1.8
 Packaged Liquid Biofuel 300 5.45 4 3.33 2
 Packaged Heavy Oil Residue 400 7.27 5.33 4.44 2.67
 Solid Biofuel 450 8.18 6 5 3
 Packaged Oil 500 9.08 6.66 5.54 3.33
 Compacted Coal 600 10.90 8 6.66 4
 Packaged Fuel 750 16.63 10 8.33 5
 Color Cartridge 900 16.36 12 10 6
 Packaged Turbofuel 2000 36.36 26.66 22.22 13.33
 Battery 6000 109.09 80 66.66 40
 Nuclear Fuel Rod[6] 750000 13636.36 10000 8333.33 5000

\frac{Fuel\ energy\ MJ}{Vehicle\ power\ MW} = acceleration\ time

where vehicle power is 55MW for the Tractor, 75MW for the Truck, 90MW for the Explorer and 150MW for the Cyber Wagon.

Progression[edit | edit source]

Vehicle tech can be unlocked via various milestones, along with the discovery of new resources.[7]

Piloting[edit | edit source]

An engineer piloting a vehicle in third-person perspective.

Engineers can enter and exit vehicles via E, the enter vehicle hotkey.[8] When piloting a vehicle, the camera switches to third-person perspective.[8] There are currently unknown features which will allow performing stunts.[9] Vehicles cannot be upgraded.[10] Some small foliage can be destroyed when run into by a vehicle. In addition, the Tractors can destroy some smaller trees which Trucks cannot.

Drifting[edit | edit source]

The Truck and the Explorer can both drift. The engineer can activate drifting with Space to allow for tighter, sliding turns, similar to a handbrake, to give greater control.

Running over creatures[edit | edit source]

If a wheeled vehicle runs over hostile creatures such as Hogs or Spitters, it will knock them down and cause them to ragdoll. However, this will not cause any damage to their health, and they will be able to get up after some time or if the vehicle moves out.

Fall Damage[edit | edit source]

Engineers can receive fall damage in a vehicle if the vehicle falls from a height. This results in the engineer getting thrown away from the vehicle. To avoid damage, the engineer can exit the vehicle just before reaching the ground. Alternatively, an engineer falling from height with the vehicle at the lower ground can avoid the fall damage by entering the vehicle just before hitting the ground.

Vehicles themselves are immune to fall damage.

Fire Damage[edit | edit source]

Wheeled vehicles can receive minor damage when hit by Spitter's fireball attacks.

Railed vehicles[edit | edit source]

The self driving menu for the Electric Locomotive, showing two Train Stations added to the stops list. (old UI)

Monorail trains that consist of Electric Locomotives and Freight Cars can also be driven manually or automated using the self driving menu. Trains are bound to a Railway and cannot derail from it, even when reaching a dead end which will make them stop instead.

It is not possible to link or un-link carriages. Locomotives and freight cars have to be snapped to each other when being constructed, otherwise they will phase through each other.

Automation[edit | edit source]

An automated path for trains can be created by adding Train Stations to the stop-list. Trains will go through them in loops in their respective timetable. Trains on autopilot will always be forcefully stopped at a train station if they fail to brake in advance, for example when the station is right after a steep down slope.

Unlike wheeled vehicles, autopilot can be active even when the engineer is inside of a locomotive by enabling in in the self-driving menu (C).

Fuel[edit | edit source]

Trains run exclusively on electricity. The power consumed is from 25MW for each locomotive when it is idle up to 120MW when speeding up. All train stations also consume 50MW even when idle, or +50MW for every Freight Platform that is used for loading/unloading resources.

Damage[edit | edit source]

Trains and all engineers riding in it are completely immune to all forms of damage, as they lack the Vehicle Health bar completely.

Update 3[edit | edit source]

Patch 0.3 introduced two new motor vehicles to the game: Factory Cart and Cyber Wagon.

  • The Factory Cart is a tiny and very portable vehicle used primarily for factory traversal, can be picked up and doesn't need any fuel to function. Its blueprint can be bought in the AWESOME Shop for 10 FICSIT Coupons.
  • The Cyber Wagon was initially jokingly annouced as a new vehicle for Satisfactory shortly after the Tesla Cybertruck presentation. After a lot of positive feedback, it was introduced into the game. The original model was since changed to feature square wheels and the driver's seat in the actual vehicle.
    • It is made available in the AWESOME Shop after a single FICSIT Coupon is fed into the AWESOME Sink. The blueprint costs 20 FICSIT Coupons.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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