U-Jelly Landing Pad

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U-Jelly Landing Pad
U-Jelly Landing Pad.png
Generates a speed dampening jelly. Guarantees a soft landing.
Unlocked at Tier 2 - Jump Pads
Category Transportation
Subcategory Jump Pads
Power Usage 5 MW
Width 10 m
Length 11 m
Height 5 m
Required Items

The U-Jelly Landing Pad is a building that, when powered, generates a viscous green jelly cylinder that significantly slows movement while immersed. Landing onto the jelly part of the landing pad will prevent engineers from taking fall damage.

Jelly pads can prevent fall damage from any height, and have been tested falling from heights further up than the 'top' portion of the Space Elevator.[1]

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While in the Jelly, the game screen is tinted green and the music tone changes. Engineers will not suffocate in the jelly.

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