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This article is work-in-progress.

This tutorial will walk you through setting up Coal power.

Step 1: Unlocking the necessary milestones[edit | edit source]

In order to unlock Coal Generators and related buildings, the "Coal Power" milestone in Tier 3 has to be unlocked. For this tutorial, it is also required to research overclocking in the M.A.M., and recommended to unlock Logistics Mk.2 in Tier 2 and possibly Logistics Mk.3 and Advanced Steel Production in Tier 4 to unlock higher marks of Conveyor Belts and Miner Mk.2 respectively.

Tiers 3 and 4 are made available by completing the first Space Elevator stage.

Step 2: Finding the right location[edit | edit source]

Coal and Water are required for Coal Generators to function. Coal resource nodes can be found using the Resource Scanner, but there is no way to scan for water bodies. Water is acquired using Water Extractors.

Using an online map can be useful to find the right spot, and to determine node purity.

Step 3: Determining capacity and production[edit | edit source]

Determining Coal production rate[edit | edit source]

This is set by the amount and purity of Coal resource nodes. Use the table below for reference:

Coal production per one resource node
Miner Node purity Coal/min Required Conveyor belt
Mk.1 Impure 30 Mk.1
Normal 60 Mk.1
Pure 120 Mk.2
Mk.2 Impure 60 Mk.1
Normal 120 Mk.2
Pure 240 Mk.3

Only very short segments of higher mark conveyor are required, if Reinforced Iron Plates or Steel Beams are not available in sufficient amounts. It is possible to run two or four parallel Conveyor Belts Mk.1, resulting in the same capacity.

Determining the amount of buildings[edit | edit source]

Based on the previous table, the amount of Coal sets how many Coal Generators and Water Extractors will be built. One Coal Generator requires 15 Coal per minute and one Water Extractor produces 120 m³ Water per minute. Underclocking each Water Extractor to 75% means it will produce 90 m³ per minute, which is exactly how much two Coal Generators use. Therefore, the amount of Water Extractors is half the amount of Coal Generators.

Coal/min Coal




at 75%

Resulting Water production

and consumption/min

30 2 1 90 m³
60 4 2 180 m³
120 8 4 360 m³
240 16 8 720 m³

Gallery[edit | edit source]