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Truck Station
Truck Station.png
Either send or receive resources to vehicles.
Has an inventory with 48 slots.
Transfers up to 120 stacks per minute to/from docked vehicles.
Always refuels vehicles if it has access to a matching type.
Category Vehicles
Subcategory Motor Vehicles
Unlocks at Tier 3

Power Usage 20 MW
Overclockable No
Inputs 2
Outputs 1
Width 16 m
Length 22 m
Height 12 m
Modular Frame.png
Resources breakdown [Expand]
15 ×  Modular Frame
23 ×  Reinforced Iron Plate
135 ×  Iron Plate
203 ×  Iron Ingot
203 ×  Iron Ore
270 ×  Screw
68 ×  Iron Rod
68 ×  Iron Ingot
68 ×  Iron Ore
90 ×  Iron Rod
90 ×  Iron Ingot
90 ×  Iron Ore
20 ×  Rotor
500 ×  Screw
125 ×  Iron Rod
125 ×  Iron Ingot
125 ×  Iron Ore
100 ×  Iron Rod
100 ×  Iron Ingot
100 ×  Iron Ore
50 ×  Cable
100 ×  Wire
50 ×  Copper Ingot
50 ×  Copper Ore
Total Base Ingredients
585 ×  Iron Ore
50 ×  Copper Ore

A Truck Station is a structure used to transfer items between tractors or trucks and a Conveyor Belt.[1] It has two belt inputs (one for cargo and one for fuel) and one belt output.

The truck station has two belt inputs. The one on the left (facing the inputs), near two tanks on the station, is for fuel. Fuel items of any type can be belted in here and will be stored in the station's fuel slot. Items belted into the right input will be stored in the station's inventory. Note that the station must be powered to accept any input.

When a tractor moves into the 2 x 2 foundation sized area in front of the truck station (visible as a white outline when constructing the station) it will be loaded from the station. Items in the station's fuel slot will be added to the tractor's fuel slot, and items from the station's inventory space will be transferred to the tractor's inventory space. The station will completely load/unload a tractor if the tractor stays a sufficient time in the loading-space. If the tractor doesn't stay long enough, it will not be completely loaded. Note that the station can load only one tractor at a time. The station will only attempt to load/unload a tractor once. If there's room left in the tractor, and the station has received new resources, the tractor will have to leave and re-enter the station to continue loading.

The station consumes 20 MW when there's a vehicle in the loading-bay regardless if the loading/unloading is taking place, but it will not consume energy when there is no vehicle in the bay.

Tips[edit | edit source]

For greater throughput, consider building clusters of Truck Stations and add more vehicles.

Round trip times[edit | edit source]

To optimize throughput the time that tractors or trucks should use for one trip depends on the speed with which the origin station is filled or the destination is cleared. It can be calculated as:

max_roundtrip_time = ( numslots * stacksize ) / min( input_items_per_minute, output_items_per_minute )

Roundtrip times in minutes for items that stack to 100 (Oil, Coal, etc.)
Type Mk.1 belt Mk.2 belt Mk.3 belt Mk.4 belt Mk.5 belt Mk.6 belt
Tractor 41m 40s 20m 50s 9m 15s 5m 36s 3m 47s 2m 46s
Truck 80m 40m 17m 46s 10m 40s 7m 16s 5m 20s

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