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To Do List UI. Lists the materials you need to build or craft what you want.

The To Do List is an interface that allows the registration of buildings and components that the engineer planned to create, so that the required materials can be calculated and be viewed. If several items are added, player can view the summary of the total components required to make all of it. Each time an item on the list is made or built, one will be subtracted from the list. If all are done crafting or built, the TO DO List will be closed.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The To Do List is located on the right side of the screen. The top section of the UI shows the amount of buildings and/or components that have been added. The lower section shows the total components required, as well as the current amount in inventory.

  • If you have insufficient amount of a certain material, its progress bar will be displayed showing how much resources is lacking.
  • If you have sufficient amount of a certain material, its progress bar will be fully filled in white, and a tick will be displayed.

The maximum amount of each building or material that can be displayed is 2,147,483,647.[1]

Adding and removing items[edit | edit source]

To add buildings, press Q to open the build menu and click the + icon that appears when you mouse over the desired building. Once added, a icon appears as well, which will remove one of that building from the list.

To add components, Right-click the component in the Craft Bench or Equipment Workshop and click "Add to To Do List". Once added, you can also Right-click and click "Remove from To Do List" to remove it.

By default, you can hold down the ⇧ Left Shift key to adjust the amount by 10. You can also type the number into the text box.

Once there are items in the list, you can add or subtract items directly in the To Do List UI by opening the build menu. You can also delete the whole list by selecting "Clear List" at the bottom, provided the build menu is active.

Scrolling[edit | edit source]

Some material may be hidden at the lower window so that it requires the player to scroll down to view it. To scroll through the To Do List, open the build menu first. You could also enable the scrolling of the to-do list by open any of the in-game UI.

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