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The HUB.png
The heart of your factory. This is where you complete FICSIT milestones to unlock additional blueprints of buildings, vehicles, parts, equipment etc.
Unlocked at The beginning
Category Special
Width 14 m
Length 26 m
Height 28 m
Required Items
HUB Parts.png

The HUB, or "Habitat and Utility Base", is the heart of the factory and the first build-able structure in game. Initially only containing a Craft Bench and the HUB Terminal, it can be upgraded as the Engineer progresses along the Milestones in Tier 0. The completed HUB, in addition, contains 2 small Biomass Burners, a FICSIT Freighter and a living quarter.

The HUB also functions as the Engineers' respawn point. The HUB Terminal, which is the main progression tool, allows engineers to advance through tiers of Milestones.

HUB Terminal[edit | edit source]

The HUB Terminal is the place where engineers select Milestones sorted by tiers and accept the materials (by shift-clicking the relevant material in inventory) required to complete the selected Milestone. There are currently 8 tiers of Milestones to progress through: Tier 0 to Tier 7.

While progressing through Milestones, it may be beneficial to turn in only part of the required materials before selecting another Milestone without clicking the 'send' button. The player is then able to focus on producing more advanced components. In doing so, the HUB Terminal will keep the already delivered parts for when you'll want to complete any previously partly-fulfilled tasks, thus saving storage space.

Attached Biomass Burners[edit | edit source]

  • Initially the HUB does not contain any Biomass Burner.
  • The first Biomass Burner is available at Tier 0: HUB Upgrade 2. Do note that the Power Pole is unlocked at Tier 0: HUB Upgrade 3 which allows multiple connections.
  • The second Biomass Burner is available at Tier 0: HUB Upgrade 5.
  • The attached Biomass Burner only generates 20 MW each, and the fuels fed into those also last proportionally longer.
  • Additional stand-alone Biomass Burners can be built after completing Tier 0: HUB Upgrade 6. Each generates 30 MW but consumes fuel at 1.5x rate.

FICSIT Freighter[edit | edit source]

  • The FICSIT Freighter is unlocked at Tier 0: Hub Upgrade 6. During its unlock animation, it descends from space, turns around then dock at the HUB where it will wait to be launched into space upon a Milestone completion. It will return to the HUB after some time, with its countdown timer located at the top right of the game screen and in the HUB Terminal.
  • Scattered around the world, you may find crashed FICSIT Freighters which do not belong to your HUB, and they contain Hard Drives for M.A.M. research.

Living Quarter[edit | edit source]

  • The living quarters are located between the Biomass Burners and the HUB terminal.
  • All the living quarters' amenities, as of early access edition, are mere decorations (i.e. bunk beds, toilets, cupboards, pantry, operation SCADA-HMI terminal desk) and do not serve any purpose.

Building and Relocation[edit | edit source]

  • The HUB is the first unlocked building and it must be built before other buildings become available.
    • The build menu is unlocked only after the Iron Ore is hand-mined for the first time.
  • In a multiplayer game, all players share the same HUB. It can be dismantled and rebuilt to allow relocation.
    • Dismantling the HUB refunds its resources:  HUB Parts.
    • If there are item stored in the HUB's Personal Storage Box, the stored items will be transferred to the engineer's inventory.
    • A rebuilt HUB will retain all upgrades and milestones, including the items submitted to an ongoing Milestone.
  • Only one HUB can be built, even if the engineer happens to own multiple HUB Parts by any means.
    • Through means such as save editing, multiple HUBs are able to exist in the world at once and will function identically.
      • The oldest HUB appears to be used when respawning.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • During the Freighter launch, it is possible for the Engineer to stand on it and be slingshot to a very high altitude, from which the Engineer will be able to see the entire map. Deaths and game crashes have been reported.
  • The Freighter is able to fly through the Foundations and any other building built above it.
  • After completion of the launch animation, and prior to descending back to the HUB, it is possible to see the Freighter hovering distantly in the sky. During the day, it appears as a gray speck (see image below). At night, it is visible as a flickering light approximately the size of a star. It is unclear whether this is intentional (as a representation of the Freighter "unloading" its cargo to an orbital FICSIT facility), or simply a graphical glitch. It is also unclear whether this is visible at every graphical setting (initially confirmed on Ultra settings).
    • The Freighter does not appear to de-spawn while on Milestone cooldown.
  • During the Freighter landing, if the engineer stands at the Freighter docking position, it is possible to get stuck below the Freighter. To escape, dismantle the HUB.
  • You can target the Hub Terminal, the integrated Personal Storage Box or the Craft Bench with the dismantle tool. Nothing happens if you actually try to dismantle them.
  • Internally, the HUB is also referred to as "TradingPost".

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