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Storage Container
Storage Container.png
Contains 24 slots for storing large amounts of items. Has an input and output for conveyor belts.
Category Organization
Subcategory Storage
Unlocks at Tier 0, Hub Upgrade 4

Inputs 1
Outputs 1
Width 5 m
Length 10 m
Height 4 m
Pieces Made
Iron Plate.png
Iron Rod.png
Resources breakdown [Expand]
10 ×  Iron Plate
15 ×  Iron Ingot
15 ×  Iron Ore
10 ×  Iron Rod
10 ×  Iron Ingot
10 ×  Iron Ore
Total Base Ingredients
25 ×  Iron Ore

Storage Containers require much more physical space than Personal Storage Boxes and store slightly fewer items, but unlock earlier and allow for storage automation and large buffers.

Automation[edit | edit source]

If you connect a belt to the input of a container, items can automatically be inserted into the container. If you connect a belt to the output, items can automatically be extracted from the container. Connect both sides to pass items through and buffer them if there is a backup down the line.

The type of belt determines the max speed of storage and extraction; containers themselves do not limit throughput.

Create big buffers by linking many containers together. If you chain containers in series with the same type of conveyor, the last container fills first, and the first container fills last. With a chain (especially a long one), you must often check multiple containers to gauge how many items are held in total - this can be tedious. Connect them in parallel with the right combination of splitters and mergers to fill them evenly.

Stacks and ladders[edit | edit source]

It is easy to build and stack containers on top of each other (select it in the build menu and point at an existing container).

Containers have ladders on the sides - you can climb up onto single containers and to the top of container stacks. Try building a tall stack to reach high places in the early game. (Containers unlock before stairs, stackable conveyor poles, and Jump Pads.)

Labelling[edit | edit source]

There are different ways to label a container, for a player to understand what is inside:

  • Build a short belt from the container output. This also turns the container into a dispenser, as players can take the item from the belt.
  • Drop a single item in front of the container/on top of it
  • Color-code by painting containers with different colors.

History[edit | edit source]

Patch Closed Alpha: Added stacking functionality for Storage Containers.

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