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A large spider-like creature
Hitpoints 8 (large)
2 (small)
Behavior Hostile
Alien Organs.png

Stingers are spider-like creatures found in caves and jungles. They move very swiftly and come in large, small and tiny varieties.

Small stingers are most common. Large stingers appear more frequently occur in caves and later-game biomes, often surrounded by multiple smaller stingers. Occasionally, a tiny stinger smaller than the "small" variety can be found.

Activating the "arachnophobia mode" option replaces the stinger models with various images of cats with an animated hologram filter, to make the stinger visuals more palatable for those with arachnophobia.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Stingers aggressively attack engineers by either leaping or clawing at them. These attacks can knock unsuspecting engineers out of their vehicles. Large stingers deal 3 damage per attack and the smaller ones deal 1 damage.

Stingers make scuttling insect-like sounds when moving.[1]

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