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Stackable Pipeline Support

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Stackable Pipeline Support
Stackable Pipeline Support.png
Supports for pipelines. Can be stacked on other stackable supports.
Unlocked at Tier 4 - Logistics Mk.3
Category Logistics
Subcategory Pipeline Supports
Inputs 1
Outputs 1
Width 1 m
Length 2 m
Height 4 m
Required Items
Iron Plate.png
Iron Rod.png

The Stackable Pipeline Support is a building used to stack the Pipeline Support. It acts the same as the Stackable Hyper Tube Support and Conveyor Pole Stackable, infinitely stackable and is compatible to stack on any of the other stackable supports, see images below.

Stackable Supports[edit | edit source]

As mentioned previously, all stackable supports are compatible with each other, they also have the ability to collide and work functionally, what otherwise shouldn't be allowed is possible with the stackable supports.

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