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A splitter seen in the E3 trailer.

A Splitter is the placeholder name given to a structure seen in the E3 trailer. It is shown to take items from a single input belt, outputting them between three other belts.[1] Splitters can also sort items between their outputs.

Types[edit | edit source]

There are three known types of splitter, each with different sorting capabilities.[2] It is unknown if they are separate buildings, upgrades, or settings.

"Basic"[edit | edit source]

A basic splitter, recognizable by its bare top.

The standard splitter appears to simply split items between its outputs in sequence.

"Sorter"[edit | edit source]

A sorter splitter, identifiable by its orange arrows

Unknown, but seems to send a specified item out its side outputs, sending all others out its forward input.

"Multi Sorter"[edit | edit source]

The theorized "multi sorter" splitter, with unique orange-bordered grey top plates.

Also unknown, but theorized to function as the "sorter", but allowing for lists of items to each output.

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