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A quadrupedal horned creature that spits fire projectiles
Hitpoints 40
Damage 10 (fireball)
5 (close range)
Behavior Hostile
Alien Organs.png

The Spitter is a ranged hostile creature that deals damage with its fireball attack. It can be seen in groups, guarding the mid-tier resource patches such as Coal.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

  • A spitter patrols around its spawning point, which is commonly around resource nodes, Power Slugs, Mercer Spheres, Somersloops, and Crash Sites, but can also be anywhere in the World.
  • A spitter makes a snake-like hissing sound.
  • Spitters can be found in groups. Some are led by a larger version of these which is the Alpha Spitter.
  • It will become aggressive when approached. It will start attacking the nearest Engineer in this mode.
  • A spitter ignores all vehicles, even if an engineer is riding it. A spitter will still target an engineer hiding behind a vehicle or standing on top of it.
  • A spitter triggers its attack by shooting out a yellow fireball in a straight line. Before its attack, its mouth glows and blinks in yellow.
  • If a spitter is attacked by the engineer but the spitter is at a location where it cannot fight back, it will flee. After some time it will move back to its patrol location.
  • Spitter drops Alien Organs when killed. If it falls into a void, it will not drop any loot.

Combat[edit | edit source]

  • Equip yourself with a weapon such as a Xeno-Basher. Make sure it is in your hand.
  • Make sure you are in the running mode. Press ⇧ Shift to toggle run. Make sure the running mode is set to 'Toggle' in the Options->Control setting.
  • When a spitter detects an engineer is nearby, it will run towards the nearest engineer, pause momentarily, then shoot out a yellow fireball from its mouth.
  • Its ranged fireball attack has the following characteristics:
    • The spitter's mouth will blink a few times in yellow before shooting as a warning sign. Its mouth will appear like it is chewing a piece of gum.
    • It travels in a straight line, but curves downwards after a certain distance. If it hits anything, a splash effect can be seen, and the fireball itself disappears.
    • It deals 10 damage to the engineer and wheeled vehicles if hit.
    • It targets directly towards the engineer if the engineer does not move.
    • If the engineer moves, it predicts when the engineer will be in the next few seconds and will shoot at the predicted direction.
  • A spitter will move a few steps towards you, then start shooting. It will try not to stay too close to the engineer. After each shot, it will move another few steps then repeat its attack.
  • If the engineer is in the melee range of the spitter, the spitter will then shoot out a melee-range fireball, dealing 5 damage with a knockback effect. Its mouth will also glow yellow prior this melee attack, but with much shorter time.
  • If the engineer stands fully inside the spitter's hitbox, it will not be able to hit the engineer directly with any attacks.
    • this can be accomplished easily by charging then sliding under the spitter.
  • Its attack can be completely dodged by getting out of its line of attack:
    • Moving sideways (A or D), or moving forward with a zigzag pattern
    • Jump (Space)
    • Hitting the fireball with a Xeno-Basher to negate it
    • To avoid its melee fireball attack, simply move backwards S
  • A spitter has a few seconds of cooldown after each fireball attack. After it shoots a fireball, run up as far as possible into it and use your Xeno-Basher to double-bash it (Double-click).
  • It will start shooting a melee fireball, but its attack will spawn behind you and miss so long as there is no terrain right behind you for it to splash against.
  • As the double-bash deals 21 damage and a spitter only has 40 hit points, 2 hits with the double-bash will kill it.
  • If you use a Xeno-Zapper, which deals only 5 damage, you may need to hit it a few more times to kill it.
  • Once the spitter dies, pick up the Alien Organs dropped by it.
  • Try to handle only one spitter at a time. It is possible to lure a spitter away from its group.
  • It is possible to kill a spitter without getting yourself injured, but if your health drops too low, consider fleeing or healing yourself.
  • If you attempt to flee, do not run in a straight line. Try moving in a zigzag pattern and jump often. The spitter will eventually reset back to its spawn location once you are far enough away.
  • Wait until your health slowly regenerates back to 3 segments (30 HP). Use a healing item such as a Beryl Nut to heal beyond that amount.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is possible to have a spitter get hit by a fireball launched by another spitter. They have 'friendly' fire, so it is possible for them to kill each other by accident.
    • Particularly useful when Alpha spitters and normal spitters are in a group; when they shoot at you, they can hurt each other.
  • If the fire projectile collides with a thrown Nobelisk, the Nobelisk will explode.
  • Its fireball is slightly explosive. If you trap a spitter in between 4 walls and look at it from outside, it will continually shoot the fireball at the wall, causing explosions, and will eventually kill itself.
  • If a vehicle (such as a tractor) runs into spitter, it will "ragdoll" and go completely limp. However, if an engineer exits the vehicle while the spitter is in this state, it can still shoot fireballs at engineers nearby even though it will be unable to move.
  • It is likely that the spitter attacks because it's territorial, but it could be possible that it sees the engineer as food.

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