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Smelts ore into ingots. Can be automated by feeding ore into it with a conveyor belt connected to the input. The produced ingots can be automatically extracted by connecting a conveyor belt to the output.
Unlocked at Tier 0 - HUB Upgrade 2
Category Production
Subcategory Smelters
Power Usage 4 MW
Overclockable Yes
Inputs 1
Outputs 1
Width 6 m
Length 9 m
Height 9 m
Required Items
Iron Rod.png
Smelting ore down to usable ingots has never been this easy! Feed it whatever ore you find, set the recipe, and out comes the life-blood of any successful factory!
~ Caterina Parks's assistant Steve

The Smelter is a building used to smelt resource ores into resource ingots.

Recipes[edit | edit source]

Recipe NameCrafting Time (sec)IngredientsProducts
Caterium Ingot43x  Caterium Ore45.0/min
1x  Caterium Ingot15/min
Copper Ingot21x  Copper Ore30.0/min
1x  Copper Ingot30/min
Iron Ingot21x  Iron Ore30.0/min
1x  Iron Ingot30/min
alt Pure Aluminum Ingot512x  Aluminum Scrap144.0/min
3x  Aluminum Ingot36/min
S.A.M. Ingot26x  S.A.M. Ore180.0/min
1x  S.A.M. Ingot30/min

The Smelter can be overclocked using Power Shards. Overclocking increases the input/output speed of the Smelter at the cost of greatly increased power demand proportional to output.

100 %150 %200 %250 %
Energy (MW)47.712.117.3

Tips[edit | edit source]

Most of the ore to ingot recipes has their more efficient alternatives that can be crafted in Refineries instead. In the late game, all the Smelters can be fully replaced by the Refineries.

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