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These are configurations players can set for the game.

Arachnophobia mode[edit | edit source]

A Scary Spider, as rendered in Arachnophobia Mode.

Players can enable this to replace spiders in the game with a "glitched" sprite of a cat. [1] This is known to at least apply to the Scary Spider.[2] Sprites cannot be changed and do not affect creature hitboxes.[3] This mode was added because of an arachnophobic team member in the Coffee Stain office.[4] For some people, the Arachnophobic mode seems more terrifying than the regular one.

Once the Arachnophobic mode is turned ON, it will remain ON for that session, even if the user toggles the setting to OFF.

This is currently bugged and once turned on resets your inventory if you're already in a started game.

Creative mode[edit | edit source]

Creative mode is not available in vanilla game, but it is possible with mods such as Pak Utility Mod.

Hold to sprint[edit | edit source]

It can be disabled so that pressing the run key (L-Shift by default) will act as a toggle. Some players may choose to leave this toggle unchecked since pressing the run key once per game session will then permanently increase the players' run speed (with no consequence in the current game build) until pressed again.

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