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This page is a guide to creating or editing mainspace pages at Satisfactory Wiki in accordance with the established article style. These guidelines are not set in stone, but they should generally be followed in order to maintain consistency across pages, unless there is a good reason to make an exception.

General guidelines[edit source]

Language and units[edit source]

The default game language is US English, therefore, the wiki should use US English as well (this is why the american spelling of Aluminum or Sulfur is used), same applies to the formatting of numbers, discussed below.

The units page discusses units present on the wiki. The US spelling of "meter" should be used, not "metre".

Experimental content[edit source]

The wiki prefers content in the stable branch of the game over experimental, as discussed here.

  • If a feature is only available in the experimental branch (e.g. a building or mechanic), the page is marked as experimental content using {{Unreleased|Experimental}}.
  • If there was a change to a feature already in the stable branch, experimental only content can be marked with {{ExperimentalTooltip}}.
    • Example: The Fluid Freight Car can carry 1600 m3 (2400 m3) of fluid.
  • History sections are exempt of this rule, as mentioned below.

Upcoming content[edit source]

Upcoming content is content that has been officially teased and is expected to be introduced to the game in a future update.

  • In order to prevent many stub pages being created (as there is usually little or just not enough information about teased features), all upcoming content should be listed on the Future content page.
  • Certain exceptions can apply, which are situational (e.g. dedicated servers belong more on the Multiplayer page, although being an upcoming feature).
  • Even if enough information for a feature is gathered, it should remain on the Future content page. Pages created despite this should be marked as upcoming content using {{Unreleased|Upcoming}}.

Numbers[edit source]

  • Where large numbers are mentioned, every 3 digits should be separated with a comma, such as 1,234,567,890. Spaces are not required.
  • Periods should be used as decimal separator, such as 0.5 etc.
  • Where superscript is to be used, prefer template over Unicode as the latter is smaller and thus more difficult to read. These templates is a shorthand to call <sup> (2 or 3) </sup>
    • 45 m{{cubic}} = 45 m3
    • 300 {{m3pm}} = 300 m3/min
    • 30 km{{sq}} = 30 km2

History[edit source]

This section of the page should list changes to the article topic based on game patches. It should generally follow the official changelog, but sometimes there are undocumented changes introduced in updates. In those cases, the information should be based on in-game testing.

  • Entries are listed retroactively: The most recent change is at the top and the oldest at the bottom.
  • Entries start with the patch that is always linked.
  • If there was only one change in a patch, the entry is on one line.
    • If there were multiple, all notes for that patch are indented, and the first line only has the patch.
  • If it has zero entries, {{HistoryMissing}} is used to mark it as missing.
  • If it has some entries but is either outdated or there are uncertainities, {{HistoryMissing|Incomplete}} is used to mark it as such.
  • If it has been introduced as brand new, the entry should say just "Introduced". If it was implemented from being previously unobtainable (unreleased), it should say that it "has been made officially available".
  • If it never has changed, there should be only one point saying "No recorded history".
  • Unlike the rest of the wiki, entries prefer experimental over stable. Therefore, if something changes in experimental before it goes to stable, only the experimental change is mentioned.
    • This is because something can change in experimental and then be reverted back, which would result it not being mentioned at all.

Other[edit source]

  • Every page should be categorized except for buildings, which are automatically categorized as 'Buildings' as long as the infobox on the page has 'craftedIn = Build Gun' and has a defined subcategory, as in build menu.
  • Whilst the Discord role is a capitalised singular term "COFFEESTAINER", the mixed-case usage appears on the Coffee Stain website as "Coffee Stainer".[1]

Tables and images[edit source]

Tables and images, if used correctly, can greatly reduce the amount of text.

Item page format[edit source]

Style guide
An exact copy of the in-game description of the item that does not have any pagelinks, including any errors it may have, which are indicated with (sic)
Unlocked at M.A.M. Research – Node or HUB Tier – Milestone
Stack Size 100
Blueprint Path

Blueprint path, taken from the game's PAK file

This is a brief description of the item that either mentions how it is obtained or used. {{Infobox simple}} is used, and is placed before this mean section, but after any notices there may be on the page (such as {{Cleanup}}, {{Stub}} or {{Unreleased}}).

Obtaining[edit source]

Unlocking[edit source]

If unlocked via M.A.M. research, {{MAMunlock}} is used.

If unlocked via the AWESOME Shop, {{Shopunlock}} is used.

Resource acquisition[edit source]

For a raw resource, {{OreGeneralDescription}} is used.

Crafting[edit source]

If craftable, recipes are entered using {{craftingTable}} and rendered using {{AutomatedCrafting}}. If multiple items are present on the same page, use {{AutomatedCrafting|itemA}}</br>{{AutomatedCrafting|itemB}}...

Usage[edit source]

Space Elevator[edit source]

Only for Space Elevator parts, mentions that it is used to complete deliveries in the following format:

Part Name is used to complete deliveries in the Space Elevator.

Research[edit source]

If used in any M.A.M. research chain, {{MAMusage}} is used.

Equipment[edit source]

If equipment, its usage should briefly be explained here, better here than in the mean section.

If used as ammo for any tool or weapon, this should be mentioned here.

Crafting[edit source]

{{Crafting usage}} is always used, as when it cannot be crafted into anything, the template will say so.

AWESOME Sink[edit source]

{{Sinkusage}} is always used, as when it cannot be sunk, the template will say so. When there are multiple items in the same page, use {{Sinkusage|itemA}}</br>{{Sinkusage|itemB}}.

Tips[edit source]

If there are any tips to be mentioned, they shall be listed here.

Trivia[edit source]

If there is any trivia, it shall be listed here.

Current issues[edit source]

If there is any bugs, glitch or their work-around, it shall be listed here. Besides that, make sure to report such bugs to .

Gallery[edit source]

File:image1.png|Image caption 1
File:image2.png|Image caption 2

If the page has any specific images to be displayed, it shall be here in its own gallery section.

History[edit source]

History follows general guidelines as mentioned above.

References[edit source]

If the page has any references, use {{Reflist}} to list them here automatically. The references should be mentioned in the main context and be enclosed, such as:
Statement one (in the main text).<ref>source website address</ref>

See also[edit source]

If there are any related articles, they shall be listed here.

Navboxes shall be placed at the very bottom of the page. Items generally use {{ItemNav}}. If it is a Packaged Fluid Item, {{FluidsNav}} is placed above it. If the item is unreleased, {{UnreleasedNav}} replaces both.

Fluid page format[edit source]

Fluid pages are very similar to item pages, with only one difference: They aren't used in either the Space Elevator, M.A.M., or AWESOME Sink, nor they can be equipment, therefore the Usage section doesn't ever contain the Space Elevator, Research, Equipment, or AWESOME Sink sections.

Building page format[edit source]


Vehicle page format[edit source]


Patch notes format[edit source]

Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) (if experimental, always noted in the header) - v0.0.0 - Build 000000. This patch was released on Month Day, Year.

The original post can be viewed on Satisfactory's Discord,(direct link to the patch notes message in the server) Reddit,(direct link to the post) and Steam.(direct link to the Steam Community post using the Share button, acquired from here)

If a major patch, official logo precedes the mean section, see Patch 0.1.5, Patch 0.2.1, Patch and Patch 0.3.5.

If there was a hotfix released that didn't increment the version number but changed the build number, it should be mentioned in the mean section. If there was an additional note added to the patch notes, it should be in its own section named Hotfix that is placed before the intro. See Patch 0.3 for an example.

Intro[edit source]

The intro text that precedes the actual patch notes.

Patch note sections[edit source]

Each patch note section has its own header, which is not in all caps (as formatted by default) and uses sentence case instead. Note that patch notes from Discord have preformatted bullet points (•), those should be replaced with normal lists:

• Change 1
• Change 2

Correct formatting:

  • Change 1
  • Change 2

The page should be categorized to Category:Patch notes and have {{PatchesNav}} at the bottom.

References[edit source]