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This is a list of releases from or featuring Coffee Stain, about Satisfactory. Jace has announced that new content will be released every Wednesday, bigger content on alternate Wednesdays and sometimes smaller info on Saturdays.[1]

Date Item Author
12 Mar 2018 Teaser Trailer Coffee Stain
11 Jun 2018 E3 Trailer Coffee Stain
22 Jun 2018 Q&A#2 Video Coffee Stain
23 Jun 2018 Exclusive Q&A Video Tiny Pirate
4 Jul 2018 Developer Highlight - Game Design Video Coffee Stain
11 Jul 2018 Day/Night Cycle Video Coffee Stain
13 Jul 2018 Exclusive Q&A (Blueprints, Aquatic Life, & More!) Video Killa Drone
19 Jul 2018 Dev Blog #1: Vehicles Video Coffee Stain
25 Jul 2018 The REAL meaning of fear... Video Coffee Stain
1 Aug 2018 Q&A #3: Pipes, Research, Vehicles + more! Coffee Stain
8 Aug 2018 Nuclear Reactor Coffee Stain
15 Aug 2018 Developer Highlight - Concept Art Coffee Stain
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