Fluffy-tailed Hog

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Fluffy-tailed Hog
Fluffy-tailed Hog.png
Hitpoints 20
Behavior Hostile
Alien Carapace.png

The Fluffy-tailed Hog, or Phacochoerus Plumeus Cauda is a creature first seen in the E3 Trailer.[1] It can be seen guarding Iron and Copper Ore Patches in the Grass Land.

Behaviour[edit | edit source]

The creature is hostile towards engineers and will charge at them. It will however ignore tractors (even with a player in them). If the Hog gets attacked while the player is standing on a platform out of reach of the hog, it will flee. It attacks by charging at the player at a relatively fast speed it does 10 damage per hit (one health segment).

Strategy[edit | edit source]

It will run towards you, pause momentary at 10 meters away from you then charges at you. Dodge either sideways, diagonal backwards or simply jump. When the hog passed by you, aim your Xeno-Zapper at it and double click, to double zap it. Repeat another time and it should be dead.

Try to handle the hog only one at a time.

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