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A Miner Mk.1 on top of a copper resource node, producing Copper Ore.

Resource nodes are specific locations spread across the world where resource extractors (Miners and Oil Extractors) can be placed to automate ore (or Crude Oil) harvesting, solid resources to be extracted manually by the Engineer, or power to be generated using Geo Thermal Generators on Geyser nodes. Three nearest resource nodes (or batches of them) from the Engineer can be located with the Resource Scanner.

Nodes have 3 possible purities, which affect how fast are resources extracted (see below). All resource nodes are infinite which means they cannot be depleted.

Resource deposit[edit | edit source]

Resource deposits are the rocky shaped part that often found on resource nodes, but also all across the world. There can be more than 1 deposit on a node, while some nodes don't come with any deposit at all. Scanning for resource deposits is not possible by any means. Finding several resource deposits (namely Caterium, Sulfur, and Raw Quartz) is integral, as they are used for research in the M.A.M. once picked up.

Some collectibles such as Power Slugs are hidden behind deposit that must be mined out first, while several Uranium deposits can be found on the edge of the Red Jungle to act as an obstacle to the Crash Sites, as they produce radiation.

The location of deposits around the world is fixed, as with resource nodes, however, both the type and ore amount of each deposit are randomly selected.

The number of ores in a deposit is random and averages at about 60, but can exceed 100.

Accessing[edit | edit source]

Solid resource nodes will often have resource deposit(s) on top of them, which must be mined out by hand before a miner building can be placed on them. Portable Miners can be placed on them without clearing the deposit. There are also often hostile creatures spawned nearby to make accessing the node more challenging.

Some resource nodes, such as Caterium Ore, can be blocked by large round boulders with cracks on them. These boulders can be detonated using a Nobelisk Detonator. These boulders block the placement of buildings, but not the placement of Portable Miners.

Extraction[edit | edit source]

There are a few ways to extract from a resource node:

  • Solid resource nodes:
    • Manual hand-mining with a chisel. Simply approach it and interact (default E). At the same time, open the inventory Tab ↹ so that you can release the mining key, and the manual mining will continue until the inventory window is closed.
    • Placing a Portable Miner on it. Equip the portable miner, Left to place down. You can place multiple portable miners on a same node. As the internal storage of a potable miner is limited, and lack of a belt output, you need to take out the mined ores manually.
    • Placing a Miner building on it. This is the only way to fully automate the mining process. Only one Miner can be built on each resource node.
      • Miner buildings can be only placed on resource nodes that are clear of resource deposits. However, they work through foundations.
  • Fluid resource node (Crude Oil):
    • Building an Oil Extractor on it. There is no other way to extract Crude Oil.
  • Geyser:
    • Building a Geo Thermal Generator on it. This is the only purpose of Geysers.

Purity[edit | edit source]

Node purity Building multiplier Manual mining amount
Impure × 0.5 1
Normal × 1.0 2
Pure × 2.0 3
Resource deposit N/A (can only be hand mined) 6

Types[edit | edit source]

Solid resources
Resource Deposits on node Impure Normal Pure
 Iron Ore yes 33 41 46
 Copper Ore yes 9 28 12
 Limestone varies 12 47 27
 Coal no 6 29 15
 Caterium Ore no no 8 8
 Raw Quartz no no 11 5
 Sulfur no 1 7 3
 Uranium no no 3 no
 Bauxite no 3 5 5
 S.A.M. Ore no 9 5 no

All ores have their own resource deposits that are present all over the world. S.A.M. Ore nodes behave strangely, as they only produce ore in batches after the game is reloaded (see S.A.M. Ore for details). Uranium nodes and deposits, just like all Uranium-based items, are radioactive.

Other resources
Resource Impure Normal Pure Note
 Crude Oil 10 12 8 Extracted as a fluid using Oil Extractors
 Geyser lack purity Used for power generation using Geo Thermal Generators

These resource nodes do not allow the construction of Miners and the usage of Portable Miners on them. Prior to Update 3, Geysers would show their purity as "RP_Normal".

Tips[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When mining a pure deposit by hand, it will yield twice as much as a pure node.

History[edit | edit source]

  • Patch
    • Portable Miners can be no longer placed on Crude Oil resource nodes
    • Crude Oil resource nodes now again show purity when approached
  • Patch 0.3:
    • Crude Oil and Geyser resource nodes no longer show "(resource) can not be picked up" when approached, and instead just tell the name of the node. Node purity is no longer shown on Crude Oil nodes, an Oil Extractor has to be built to detect it
    • Crude Oil is now extracted as a fluid instead of in barrels
  • Patch 0.1.20: Uranium nodes and clusters now radiate
  • Unknown patch before Patch 0.1: Crude Oil can no longer be mined by hand
  • Patch 2018-10-11: Initial design. Various resource nodes were updated throughout Closed Alpha