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A miner on top of a copper Resource Node, producing Copper Ore.

Resource Nodes are locations where Miners can be placed to automate Ore harvesting or by manually harvest. They can be located with the Resource Scanner (hold C), and they usually be multiple grouped together, which form a Resource Patch. Nodes come in 3 purities, which modify the speed of miners placed on them, as well as manual mining speed of engineer. Resource nodes are infinite, they cannot be depleted.

Accessing[edit | edit source]

Resource nodes will often have a chunk of ore on top of them, which must be cleared by hand before an automated miner can be placed. There are also often hostile creatures nearby to make accessing the node more difficult.

Higher Tier of resource node such as Coal or Crude Oil may require Engineers to build structures to reach them, like Foundations or Ramps.

Some resource nodes, such as Caterium Ore, can be blocked by large round boulders with cracks on them. These boulders can be broken using a Nobelisk with the Nobelisk Detonator. These boulders block the placement of Automatic Miners, but will not block the placement of Portable Miners.

There are currently 339 known resource nodes in the game World.[1] Some nodes are invisible and can only be detected by hovering a Miner blueprint over them.

Purity[edit | edit source]

Node purity Mining speed multiplier Manual mining amount
Impure x 0.5 1
Normal x 1.0 2
Pure x 2.0 3
Resource Chunk Can only be hand mined 6

Types[edit | edit source]

Below is the list of types of Resource Node in the current version:

References[edit | edit source]