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Refines fluid and/or solid parts into other parts.
Head Lift: 10 meters.
(Allows fluids to be transported 10 meters upwards.)
Contains both a Conveyor Belt and Pipe input and output, to allow for the automation of various recipes.
Unlocked at Tier 5 - Oil Processing
Category Production
Subcategory Fluid Production
Power Usage 30 MW
Overclockable Yes
  • 1 Pipeline
  • 1 Conveyor
  • 1 Pipeline
  • 1 Conveyor
Width 12 m
Length 20 m
Height 30 m
Required Items
Encased Industrial Beam.png
Steel Pipe.png
Copper Sheet.png

The Refinery is a building used for crafting recipes involving fluids. Most notably, this includes recipes transforming  Crude Oil into  Rubber,  Plastic, or  Fuel, but it is also used as part of advanced production recipes, such as refining  Bauxite into  Alumina Solution and then further into  Aluminum Scrap. It has one Pipeline and one Conveyor Belt connectors for both input and output, allowing for the production and consumption of recipes involving fluids and / or solid items.

The Refinery is noteworthy for producing byproducts as part of its process. For example, refining Crude Oil into Rubber produces  Heavy Oil Residue, which must be dealt with, or else production of the primary output will stop.

The Refinery can also be used to package and un-package liquids into and out of an  Empty Canister. This allows canisters to be reused at the earlier production steps.

Recipes[edit | edit source]

Recipe NameCrafting Time (sec)IngredientsProducts
Alumina Solution67x  Bauxite70.0/min
10x  Water100.0/min
8x  Alumina Solution80/min
2x  Silica20/min
Aluminum Scrap14x  Alumina Solution240.0/min
1x  Petroleum Coke60.0/min
6x  Aluminum Scrap360/min
1x  Water60/min
alt Coated Cable85x  Wire37.5/min
2x  Heavy Oil Residue15.0/min
9x  Cable67.5/min
alt Diluted Packaged Fuel21x  Heavy Oil Residue30.0/min
2x  Packaged Water60.0/min
2x  Packaged Fuel60/min
alt Electrode - Aluminum Scrap23x  Alumina Solution90.0/min
1x  Coal30.0/min
5x  Aluminum Scrap150/min
1x  Water30/min
Fuel66x  Crude Oil60.0/min
4x  Fuel40/min
3x  Polymer Resin30/min
alt Heavy Oil Residue63x  Crude Oil30.0/min
4x  Heavy Oil Residue40/min
2x  Polymer Resin20/min
Liquid Biofuel46x  Solid Biofuel90.0/min
3x  Water45.0/min
4x  Liquid Biofuel60/min
Packaged Fuel32x  Fuel40.0/min
2x  Empty Canister40.0/min
2x  Packaged Fuel40/min
Packaged Heavy Oil Residue42x  Heavy Oil Residue30.0/min
2x  Empty Canister30.0/min
2x  Packaged Heavy Oil Residue30/min
Packaged Liquid Biofuel32x  Liquid Biofuel40.0/min
2x  Empty Canister40.0/min
2x  Packaged Liquid Biofuel40/min
Packaged Oil42x  Crude Oil30.0/min
2x  Empty Canister30.0/min
2x  Packaged Oil30/min
Packaged Turbofuel62x  Turbofuel20.0/min
2x  Empty Canister20.0/min
2x  Packaged Turbofuel20/min
Packaged Water22x  Water60.0/min
2x  Empty Canister60.0/min
2x  Packaged Water60/min
Petroleum Coke64x  Heavy Oil Residue40.0/min
12x  Petroleum Coke120/min
Plastic63x  Crude Oil30.0/min
2x  Plastic20/min
1x  Heavy Oil Residue10/min
alt Polyester Fabric1216x  Polymer Resin80.0/min
10x  Water50.0/min
1x  Fabric5/min
alt Polymer Resin66x  Crude Oil60.0/min
13x  Polymer Resin130/min
2x  Heavy Oil Residue20/min
alt Pure Caterium Ingot52x  Caterium Ore24.0/min
2x  Water24.0/min
1x  Caterium Ingot12/min
alt Pure Copper Ingot246x  Copper Ore15.0/min
4x  Water10.0/min
15x  Copper Ingot37.5/min
alt Pure Iron Ingot127x  Iron Ore35.0/min
4x  Water20.0/min
13x  Iron Ingot65/min
alt Pure Quartz Crystal89x  Raw Quartz67.5/min
5x  Water37.5/min
7x  Quartz Crystal52.5/min
alt Recycled Plastic126x  Rubber30.0/min
6x  Fuel30.0/min
12x  Plastic60/min
alt Recycled Rubber126x  Plastic30.0/min
6x  Fuel30.0/min
12x  Rubber60/min
Residual Fuel66x  Heavy Oil Residue60.0/min
4x  Fuel40/min
Residual Plastic66x  Polymer Resin60.0/min
2x  Water20.0/min
2x  Plastic20/min
Residual Rubber64x  Polymer Resin40.0/min
4x  Water40.0/min
2x  Rubber20/min
Rubber63x  Crude Oil30.0/min
2x  Rubber20/min
2x  Heavy Oil Residue20/min
alt Steamed Copper Sheet83x  Copper Ingot22.5/min
3x  Water22.5/min
3x  Copper Sheet22.5/min
Sulfuric Acid65x  Sulfur50.0/min
5x  Water50.0/min
10x  Sulfuric Acid100/min
alt Turbo Heavy Fuel85x  Heavy Oil Residue37.5/min
4x  Compacted Coal30.0/min
4x  Turbofuel30/min
alt Turbofuel166x  Fuel22.5/min
4x  Compacted Coal15.0/min
5x  Turbofuel18.8/min
Unpackage Fuel22x  Packaged Fuel60.0/min
2x  Fuel60/min
2x  Empty Canister60/min
Unpackage Heavy Oil Residue62x  Packaged Heavy Oil Residue20.0/min
2x  Heavy Oil Residue20/min
2x  Empty Canister20/min
Unpackage Liquid Biofuel22x  Packaged Liquid Biofuel60.0/min
2x  Liquid Biofuel60/min
2x  Empty Canister60/min
Unpackage Oil22x  Packaged Oil60.0/min
2x  Crude Oil60/min
2x  Empty Canister60/min
Unpackage Turbo Fuel62x  Packaged Turbofuel20.0/min
2x  Turbofuel20/min
2x  Empty Canister20/min
Unpackage Water12x  Packaged Water120.0/min
2x  Water120/min
2x  Empty Canister120/min
Uranium Pellet65x  Uranium50.0/min
8x  Sulfuric Acid80.0/min
5x  Uranium Pellet50/min
2x  Sulfuric Acid20/min
alt Wet Concrete36x  Limestone120.0/min
5x  Water100.0/min
4x  Concrete80/min

A Refinery can be overclocked to increase both its production rate and ingredient consumption rate at the cost of greatly increased power demand.

100 %150 %200 %250 %
Energy (MW)3057.490.9130

Byproducts[edit | edit source]

A Refinery stops working if any of its output, whether the belt slot or the fluid slot is fully backed up, if the recipe involves byproducts. To keep the refinery running, BOTH its products must be constantly removed from it.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

  • Unknown following patch: Reduced power demand from 50 to 30 MW
  • Patch Fixed position
  • Patch 0.3:
    • Renamed to Refinery.
    • Now is used to refine other fluids besides Crude Oil
    • Now can package and unpackage liquids
    • Some recipes now produce byproducts
    • Added a Pipeline in/output.
  • Patch 0.1.9: Adjusted alignments of input and output
  • Patch 0.1.5:
    • Changed crafting cost from 2 Heavy Modular Frame, 5 Motor, and 20 Cable to 4 Heavy Modular Frame, 8 Motor, and 25 Cable
    • Changed length and width from 22x13m to 20x12m

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