Railroad Switch Control

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Railroad Switch Control
Railroad Switch Control.png
Category Vehicles
Subcategory Railed Vehicles
Unlocks at Tier 6


A Railroad Switch Control is used to decide the path of a train on a railway junction. Its appearance is based on the number of connected rails.

Construction[edit | edit source]

It is generated automatically on every railway junction. It's not possible to build, deconstruct or edit its location under normal circumstances.

  • On some occasions you may need to manually deconstruct it.

Visual appearance[edit | edit source]

Possible ways Visual appearance
2 Toggle between left and right
3 or 4 The 3rd and 4th toggle state will make the level bar go into the underside.
5 up to N Uses the same graphics as the state (N-4). For example, the 6th state will look alike as the 2nd state.

Current issue[edit | edit source]

  • The 'flag' of the Railroad Switch Control does not necessarily point toward the direction of the split it is leading to, instead, it depends on the build order.
  • Different automated trains heading different destinations, when passing through the splitway at the same time, the latter train could affect the previous train, which causes the train to 'split'. It is advised to use a loop railway setup for a multi-train schedule.