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Power Pole
Power Pole.png
Can handle up to 4 Power Line connections. Connect Power Poles, 'Power Generators' and factory buildings together with Power Lines to create a power grid. The Power Grid supplies the connected buildings with power.
Category Power
Subcategory Power Poles
Unlocks at Tier 0
Width 1m
Length 1m
Height 7m
Pieces Made 1
Iron Rod.png
Resources breakdown [Expand]
3 × Wire.png Wire
1 × Copper Ingot.png Copper Ingot
1 × Copper Ore.png Copper Ore
1 × Iron Rod.png Iron Rod
1 × Iron Ingot.png Iron Ingot
1 × Iron Ore.png Iron Ore
1 × Concrete.png Concrete
3 × Limestone.png Limestone
Total Base Ingredients
1 × Copper Ore.png Copper Ore
1 × Iron Ore.png Iron Ore
3 × Limestone.png Limestone

Power Poles are small towers that can be used to extend the range of Power Lines. These poles can be placed on regular ground but will also snap to foundations. Each pole can have up to four connections leading to other poles or machines that consume/produce power.

It is recommended to connect up to 2 buildings into it, leaving 2 spare connections for other power poles.

Capacity[edit | edit source]

They have unlimited power transfer capacity.

Range of connection[edit | edit source]

Thought to be 100m, see Power Line.

Building[edit | edit source]

  • While building Power Lines and the 2nd target is not a building, an additional Power Pole will be automatically placed on the cursor's location, as displayed by the hologram.
  • Manually placed Power Poles will snap to a foundation's grid, while the auto-placement of a power pole from a power cable will not.

Gallery[edit | edit source]