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Power Line
Power Line.png
Used to connect Power Poles, Power Generators and Factory buildings.
Unlocked at Tier 0 - HUB Upgrade 2
Category Power
Subcategory Power Poles
Width 0 m
Length (1~100) m
Height 0 m
Required Items

Power Lines are used to connect Power Poles and buildings.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Select it in building menu Q or by pressing the shortcut key (Keypad 2) and Left on a building or pole (eligible target building will be highlighted in blue) and connect it to another pole or building.

Building[edit | edit source]

Each building can only have 1 Power Line connected to it. It is advised to connect the other end of the Power Line to a Power Pole.

If the other end of the power line is not targeted to a building, a Power Pole will be added automatically. the additional cost of the power pole is taken into account when placing this pole.

Avoid these[edit | edit source]

  • Using the last connector of a Power Pole to connect to a building instead of another Power Pole, creating an 'end of line'. A power pole should always have at least 2 connectors reserved for other power poles.
  • Connecting Power Lines between non-power pole buildings, such as Constructors.
    • Connecting a power line between Train Stations is fine, as Train Stations are functionally identical to power poles.

When one of the above mistakes is spotted, simply dismantle and rebuild the affected power lines.

Maximum length and cost[edit | edit source]

The maximum length of a power line is 100 meters (12.5 foundation lengths), at the cost of 1 Cable per 25 meters.

Encroaching other's clearance[edit | edit source]

  • A Power Line cannot be built if another collision box is in its path. If the blocking structure is a belt, just dismantle that belt, connect the power line first, then build back the belt. For other types of structures, consider rerouting the power line instead.

Tips[edit | edit source]

If a power pole is full of connections, no further connections can be added to it. Dismantle one of the existing power lines by aiming at the power line with your dismantle tool (Press F). Build an additional power pole and link both. Now you have 3 additional power line connections on the new power pole. From the new power pole, link back the power line you have just dismantled. This leaves you with 2 spare connections; you could use 1 of them to connect to a building, leaving 1 slot for a future power pole.

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