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Most Buildings require electricity, or power, to run. Power is generated in generators and has to be supplied to your buildings via a power grid consisting of Power Lines and Power Poles. Power is measured in megawatts (MW).

Power grid[edit | edit source]

A power grid is a network of power-generating and power-consuming buildings connected through power lines and poles. A graph of total power production versus consumption can be viewed by activating any power pole or generator on that grid. If consumption ever exceeds production, the grid will overload and shut off, requiring manual reactivation at one of these. Before reactivating, it is recommended and sometimes necessary to either attach more power generators to the grid or remove power-consuming buildings, otherwise the grid will simply overload again as soon as it's reactivated.

Power generators[edit | edit source]

Power generators convert fuels into power. Each type of generator building has its own set of fuel item types and power output. Fuel consumption depends on power consumption. At 50%, fuel will last twice as long as at 100% consumption.

Biomass Burner[edit | edit source]

Main article: Biomass Burner

Consumes various forms of organic matter to produce 20MW of power for each generator built. Up to 2 biomass burners are attached to the HUB. Most harvested fuel items can be crafted into Biomass to increase their energy, and biomass can be further refined to Biofuel.

Fuel Type Energy Stack size Energy/stack
Leaves 15 500 7.5k
Vines 35 200 7k
Wood 100 100 10k
Mycelia 20 200 4k
Alien Carapace 250 50 12.5k
Alien Organs 250 50 12.5k
Fabric 15 100 1.5k
Biomass 120 200 24k
Biofuel 300 200 60k


  • Biomass burners must be fed manually and can therefore not run indefinitely without player interaction
  • Biofuel has a lot of energy for early game, but requires two crafting processes to acquire

Coal Generator[edit | edit source]

Main article: Coal Generator

Coal generators consume Coal to produce 50MW of power per generator.

Fuel Type Energy Stack size Energy/stack
Coal 270 100 27000
Compacted Coal 600 100 60000


  • Coal has less energy per item and per stack than Biofuel, but is much easier to acquire in bulk
  • Coal generators can be supplied via belts to allow them to run indefinitely

Fuel Generator[edit | edit source]

Main article: Fuel Generator

Fuel generators consume Fuel to provide 150MW of power per generator.

Fuel Type Energy Stack size Energy/stack
Fuel 750 100 75000
Biofuel 300 200 60000
Turbofuel 2000 100 200000

Geo Thermal Generator[edit | edit source]

Other generators do not operate while Geo Thermal energy is enough to power the grid
Main article: Geo Thermal Generator

A Geo Thermal Generator can be built on a Geyser node to provide 200MW of power. It does not require any resource input to function. Geo Thermal Generators do not scale with power consumption and always produce 100% of power, which means that other generators only have to produce the difference between your total power consumption and what Geo Thermal Generators produce. This means, if the total power consumption is less than the total power generated by Geo Thermal Generators alone, no other generators will run and fuel resources for those generators will be conserved.

Nuclear Reactor[edit | edit source]

Main article: Nuclear Reactor

Nuclear Reactor consumes Nuclear Fuel Rods and generates 2500MW of power. It also produces Nuclear Waste that emits dangerous radiation and can not be disposed of by normal means.

Experimental[edit | edit source]

Clock speed[edit | edit source]

Overclocked/underclocked production buildings consume polynomially more/less power, while production speed increases/decreases linearly. Overclocking power generators increases their power output at a loss. Overclocking one to 200%, for example, will result in 170% of its original power output. Fuel consumption is still proportional to power consumption.

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