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Pipeline Pump
Pipeline Pump.png
Applies 20 pressure, allowing a 20 meter vertical rise of fluids.
Outputs fluids at 300 m³ per minute.

Can be attached to a pipeline to apply additional pressure.
Useful for overcoming verticality and balancing out throughput.
Category Logistics
Unlocks at Tier 3

Power Usage 4 MW
Overclockable No
Pieces Made
Copper Sheet.png
Resources breakdown [Expand]
2 ×  Copper Sheet
4 ×  Copper Ingot
4 ×  Copper Ore
2 ×  Rotor
50 ×  Screw
13 ×  Iron Rod
13 ×  Iron Ingot
13 ×  Iron Ore
10 ×  Iron Rod
10 ×  Iron Ingot
10 ×  Iron Ore
Total Base Ingredients
23 ×  Iron Ore
4 ×  Copper Ore

The Pipeline Pump is a building used to increase Pipeline pressure. It is directional, which is denoted with two arrows in its blueprint and also on the structure itself. It can be either built separately or attach to an already built Pipeline.

Pressure[edit | edit source]

  • Fluids have a pressure that dictates how far upwards they can travel in Pipelines. A one-meter rise requires one unit of pressure.
  • Water Extractor.png Water and Oil Extractor.png Oil Extractors provide 10 pressure by default. Pipeline Pumps set the fluid pressure of its current point to 20, allowing for a 20-meter rise. Note that the applied pressure is not accumulative, it is therefore necessary to space out the pumps evenly if the rise exceeds 20 m.

Flow direction[edit | edit source]

Even when unpowered, Pipeline Pumps will prevent fluids from flowing in the opposite direction than set by the pump.

History[edit | edit source]