Pipeline Junction Cross

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Pipeline Junction Cross
Pipeline Junction Cross.png
Can be attached to a pipeline to split it 4-way.
Unlocked at Tier 3 - Coal Power
Category Logistics
Subcategory Pipelines
Width 4 m
Length 4 m
Height 2 m
Required Items
Copper Sheet.png

The Pipeline Junction Cross is used to split pipelines into 4 ways and allow flow in any direction. Any configuration works functionally, 1 input:3 output, 2 input;2 output, etc, as long as the total input pipes' flow rates do not exceed the total output pipes' flow rates.

Snapping[edit | edit source]

  • A junction can be snapped to an existing pipeline, similar to snapping a Splitter onto a belt.
    • The junction can be rotated with its rotation axis aligned with the pipe, with 45 degree interval.
  • A junction can be placed on Foundations for precise placement. You can rotate it in 45 degrees interval horizontally.
  • A junction can be placed on Walls for precise placement. You can rotate it in 45 degrees interval vertically.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • A Pipeline Junction Cross does not have the 300m3/min flow limit. So it will work even if it is connected to 2 input pipes and 2 output pipes with overall flow of more than 300m3/min.
  • The Junction cannot be built directly onto a building's pipe connector so attempting to extract fluids from extractors with more than 300m3/min will not work.
  • Connecting MK 1 and Mk 2 pipes to a junction has similar ratios to conveyors.
    • If you connect a Mk 2 pipe to a junction and then add 3 Mk 1 pipes on the other ends, it will create a similar 1:3 ratio that conveyors would.
    • All of this should be done on a flat surface, otherwise fluid may not reach the junction or will backlog and not reach it's destination.

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History[edit | edit source]

  • Patch Pipe attachments such as Pipeline Pumps and Junctions can now be placed on Walls and Foundations
  • Patch 0.3: Introduced