Personal Storage Box

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Personal Storage Box
Personal Storage Box.png
Contains 25 slots for storing large amounts of items.
Category Organization
Subcategory Storage
Unlocks at Tier 1
Width 2m
Length 1m
Height 1m
Iron Plate.png
Iron Rod.png
Resources breakdown [Expand]
6 ×  Iron Plate
12 ×  Iron Ingot
12 ×  Iron Ore
6 ×  Iron Rod
6 ×  Iron Ingot
6 ×  Iron Ore
Total Base Ingredients
18 ×  Iron Ore

A Personal Storage Box is a small container for storing items. It does not have any belt connector, thus can only be accessed by engineers. It has 25 storage slots for items and uses 2m³ of space, which its volume is only 1% compared to the Storage Container, making it considerably more space efficient.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Personal Storage Box can be stacked vertically, 1m apart from each other. Construct some stacked 8x1m foundations, build the upper storage box then deconstruct the upper foundation. Build the lowest storage last.
  • It has 1 more slot compared to the Storage Container.