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Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) - v0.2.1.8 - Build 102736

Intro[edit | edit source]

Hey Pioneers! We’ve got another update with some fixes and optimisation for you, coming in on Experimental! We are also trying out another new feature for the Map/Compass, which is setting the view distance for Beacons. Near, far, wherever you are. The plan for this update is to be on Experimental over the weekend to catch potential issues (particularly with the optimisations) and push it to Early Access early next week when we deem it stable. Let us know if we broke anything and the game runs a little smoother for you in this version! (Or if it doesn’t…) <3

BUG FIXES[edit | edit source]

Korean, Greek, Finnish and Dutch languages should now work properly when selected

Ensured that Power Slugs don’t lose their colour on distance (should be more easily distinguishable now)

Fixed a small name input bug on the Train Stations

Added some debug code for Conveyor Belt crashes

Fixed inconsistent ingame descriptions of Foundations

Fixed that Buildings could be built floating in some locations on the map

Buildings should no longer get “Floor is too steep” when it isn’t

Fixed 8x1 Ramp disappearing from the Hotbar

Made some adjustments to Splitter/Merger functionality that should fix throughput speed and locking bugs on them

UI[edit | edit source]

Added the ability to set view distance for Beacons on the Compass in the Map

FACTORY[edit | edit source]

Tweaked Nuclear Power Plant LODs

WORLD[edit | edit source]

Smaller fixes and tweaks on foliage assets (Bamboo, Kapok Tree, etc.)

Removed some unnecessary small critters from world

OPTIMISATION[edit | edit source]

LOD (Level of Detail) optimisations

Optimised the Building Hologram and Dismantle material

Optimised the Conveyor Lifts

Some experimental optimisation. Mysterious. #BlameBen