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This page lists links to external online tools that can help you in playing by providing e.g. map-locations, crafting recipes, factory ratios.

Save editors[edit | edit source]
Zoomable map of resources, power slugs, collectibles etc
Upload your save files to the website will enable you to view the detailed plan of your factory, analyze it and even edit your buildings.
In-depth save editor software
Not as user-friendly as aforementioned interactive map, however, has more advanced capabilities of editing save files.

Factory Planners[edit | edit source]
Macro Factory planning (elements can be dragged)
Macro Factory planning
Production line planning
Production line planning
Alternate recipes analyser/Recipe optimizer
Calculator (Sankey diagram)
The Codex, which is the item and recipe browser. Also includes buildings and schematics browser.
A set of tools for factory management, such as manifold tool, radiation tool, alternate recipe analyzer etc. (Note: not all branches are up-to-date, as listed below)

Outdated[edit | edit source]

The below tools are only applicable prior Update 2.
Zoomable map of resources etc.
Zoomable map of resources etc.
Production calculator
Alternate recipe comparison tool

3rd party mods and mod manager[edit | edit source]
Unofficial list of mods and tools (warning, the game currently does not natively support modding)