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This page lists links to external online tools that can help you in playing by providing e.g. map locations, crafting recipes, factory ratios.

Save editors[edit | edit source]
Zoomable map of resources, power slugs, collectibles, etc
Uploading your save file to the website will enable you to view a detailed plan of your factory, with tools allowing you to analyze it and even edit your buildings
Right-clicking on the Foundation, for example, and click on "spawn around" will open up a menu for drawing foundation geometric and other options.
In-depth save editor software
Not as user-friendly as the aforementioned interactive map, however, has more advanced capabilities of editing save files

Factory planners[edit | edit source]
Macro Factory planning (elements can be dragged)
Macro Factory planning
Detailed production line planning
Alternate recipes analyzer/Recipe optimizer (server down at the moment)
Calculator (Sankey diagram)
The Codex, which is the item and recipe browser, also includes buildings and schematics browser
A set of tools for factory management, such as a manifold tool, radiation tool, alternate recipe analyzer, etc. (Note: not all branches are up-to-date, as listed below)

Modding[edit | edit source]
Unofficial list of mods and tools. Mod manager can be found on the same website. (the game currently does not natively support modding)

Other[edit | edit source]
Indexed and categorized archive of clips from Coffee Stain Dev Streams

Outdated[edit | edit source]

The tools listed below are only applicable before Update 3.
Zoomable map of resources etc.
Zoomable map of resources etc.
Production calculator
Alternate recipe comparison tool
Production line planning