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Oil Extractor
Oil Extractor.png
Normal extraction rate: 120m3 oil per minute.
Head Lift: 10 meters. (Allows fluids to be transported 10 meters upwards.)
Can be build on an Oil Node to extract Crude Oil. Extraction rates depend on node purity.
Unlocked at Tier 5 - Oil Processing
Category Production
Subcategory Fluid Production
Power Usage 40 MW
Overclockable Yes
Inputs No
Outputs 1 Pipeline
Width 12 m
Length 20 m
Height 30 m
Required Items
Encased Industrial Beam.png

The Oil Extractor is a building used to extract fluid Crude Oil from its resource node. The default extraction rate is 120 m3/min, based on normal node purity (see below).

Extraction[edit | edit source]

 Crude Oil extraction rate (m3/min), with respect to Clock Speed and Oil node purity:

Items produced per minute

Oil Extractor

Oil Extractor

To calculate the Oil Extractor extraction speed:
120 x (node purity modifier) x (Clock Speed in decimal) = Extraction rate
Node purity modifier:

  • Impure = 0.5x,
  • Normal = 1x,
  • Pure = 2x.

Because Pipelines can only support 300 m3/min of fluid flow, it is not recommended to overclock an Oil Extractor on a Pure node beyond 125%. Extractors on Pure nodes at 125% can still benefit from consuming less power compared to a Normal node at 250%.

Overclocking[edit | edit source]

The Oil Extractor can be overclocked up to 250%, at the cost of greatly increased power consumption.

50 %100 %150 %200 %250 %
Energy (MW)13.24076.5121.3173.3

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