Nuclear Waste

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Nuclear Waste
Nuclear Waste.png
Nuclear Waste is the byproduct of nuclear power plants. You gotta find a way to handle all of this.
Unlocked at Tier 7
Stack Size 500
Radioactive Yes
Blueprint Path


Nuclear Waste is produced by the Nuclear Power Plant. It emits radiation as much as a Nuclear Fuel Rod. It's waste, and its sole purpose is to get rid of it. It cannot be discarded with the trash button in containers or your inventory.

In the current version, a single power plant at 100% utilization will produce 25 barrels of Waste every 300 seconds. If the power plant is overclocked, the production rate is likewise increased. NOTE: As power plants seldom run at 100% capacity, the actual production of waste will be slower.

Nuclear Waste cannot be feed into an AWESOME Sink, be deleted or be destroyed. It must be stored indefinitely. The barrels stack to 500, allowing for 12000 in a Storage Container (40 hours @ 100%), or 24000 (80 hours @ 100%) in an Industrial Storage Container. It is advised to make large farms featuring dozens of storage containers connected in series in order to concentrate all waste storage into one area, to minimize the area affected by radiation.

The current maximum production rate for Nuclear Waste is 2362.5/min.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Note: the crafting process of this item is only in the Nuclear Power Plant.

IngredientsTime (s)Product
1 ×  Nuclear Fuel Rod 300 25 ×   Nuclear Waste
Input Buildings Ingredients Building Product
0.5 ×  Manufacturer  Nuclear Fuel Rod  (0.2/min)  Nuclear Power Plant5/min   Nuclear Waste
Pop-up shown when trying to discard Nuclear Waste

Removing Nuclear Waste[edit | edit source]

The only way to delete Nuclear Waste without save editing is as follows:

  1. Find and tame a Lizard Doggo
  2. Feed it a full stack of Nuclear Waste
  3. Kill it, effectively deleting its inventory contents

Please note that this is likely not intended and may be patched out eventually.

A potential way to destroy this thing is to load waste into a cheapest vehicle (either cyber wagon or tractor) and drop it into abyss by deleting a foundation under it, nuclear waste will be far away from player's reach. Note: While this would work, if has been shown that the falling vehicles will fall forever and will have negative effects on the performance of the game, so this is not advisable for large quantities of vehicles.