Nuclear Waste

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Nuclear Waste
Nuclear Fuel Rod.png
Nuclear Waste is the byproduct of nuclear power plants. You gotta find a way to handle all of this.
Stage Expansion

Nuclear Waste is produced by the Nuclear Reactor. It looks and gives radiation just like a Nuclear Fuel Rod. It's waste, its sole purpose is to get rid of it. It cannot be discarded with the trash button in containers of your inventory.

At current experimental version, a power plant at 100% utilization will produce 25 barrels of Waste every 300 seconds. If the power plant is overclocked, production rate is likewise increased.

Waste cannot be deleted or destroyed, and must be stored indefinitely. The barrels stack to 100, allowing for 2400 in a Storage Container (8 hours @ 100%), or 4800 (16 hours) in an Industrial Storage Container. Players commonly make large farms featuring dozens of storage containers connected in series in order to concentrate all waste storage into one area.