Nuclear Power Plant

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Nuclear Power Plant
Nuclear Power Plant.png
Consumes Nuclear Fuel Rods and Water to produce electricity for the Power Grid. Produces Nuclear Waste, which is extracted from the conveyor belt output.
Resource consumption will automatically be lowered to meet power demands.
Unlocked at Tier 7 - Nuclear Power
Category Power
Subcategory Generators
Power Generated 2500 MW
Fuel Nuclear Fuel Rod
Overclockable Yes
  • 1 Pipeline
  • 1 Conveyor
  • 1 Conveyor
Width 38 m
Length 43 m
Height 49 m
Required Items
Heavy Modular Frame.png
High-Speed Connector.png

The Nuclear Power Plant is a building that generates power using Nuclear Fuel Rods and Water, producing Nuclear Waste in the process.

It generates 2500 MW at 100% Clock speed. At 100% power utilization, for each minute, a Nuclear Power Plant consumes 0.2 Nuclear Fuel Rods and 300 m3 of Water while producing 5 barrels of Waste. Each Nuclear Fuel Rod lasts for 300 seconds, which is equivalent to 750,000 MJ (750 GJ).

When overclocked, Nuclear Power Plants scale differently compared to any other generator buildings; their power exponent is 1/1.321928 instead of 1/1.3. Therefore, at 250% clock speed, they operate 2.00000009951 times as fast, for resource input, waste output, and power production. This allows them to safely operate overclocked when Pipeline Mk.2s are used to supply water, and unlike other generators, it may be worth overclocking to simplify the setup.

Generators per Uranium node[edit | edit source]

A single normal Uranium node can support the following number of Nuclear Power Plants operating at peak capacity, without the use of alternate recipes:

Miner Uranium/min Water Extractors Water m3/min Nuclear Power Plants Total
Mk.1 60 7.5 900 3 7500 MW 15
Mk.2 120 15 1800 6 15000 MW 30
Mk.3 240 30 3600 12 30000 MW 60
Mk.3 @ 250% 600 75 9000 30 75000 MW 150
Production of Nuclear Fuel Rods using 60 Uranium/min using only original recipes

Additionally, this nuclear power spreadsheet can be used to calculate all the raw materials, required buildings, total power, and more. Alternative recipes are used.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The old version shown in its teaser video had the nuclear reactor exposed to the ambient. The fuel rods were operated by a robotic arm, which could occasionally drop the fuel rod into the cooling liquid under the reactor. The belt input was located at the front and output at the back rather than right next to each other.
  • Before its official implementation, it was revealed that the design of the Nuclear Reactor/Power Plant has been changed.[1]
  • When building on foundations, it is possible to remove five foundations at the center of its footprint, and yet Nuclear Power Plant can still be built on it without getting the 'Floor is too steep' warning, as long as each of its supports lands on the foundation.
  • If both alternative recipes conserving Uranium are used, the map can support up to 472.5 Nuclear Reactors running at 100%, or about 1.18 TW of power. This would produce a staggering 2360 Waste/min, filling up an Industrial Storage Container in just over 10 minutes 10 seconds.
    • Even if all the resources are fully utilized, the power consumption barely exceeds 0.5TW, this extends the 'duration' of each container to about 20 minutes.

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