Nuclear Fuel Rod

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Disambig.png This article is about Nuclear Fuel Rod, not to be confused with Fuels
Nuclear Fuel Rod
Nuclear Fuel Rod.png
Nuclear Fuel Rods are made from Uranium and used as fuel in the Nuclear Power Plant.
Category Fuels
Unlocked at Tier 7
Stack Size 50
Sink Value 75 292
Blueprint Path


Energy (MJ) 750000
Stack Energy (MJ) 37500000
Burn Time
3h 47m 16.364s in Tractor
2h 46m 40s in Truck
2h 18m 53.333s in Explorer
5m in Nuclear Power Plant
Stack Burn Time
7d 21h 23m 38.182s in Tractor
5d 18h 53m 20s in Truck
4d 19h 44m 26.667s in Explorer
4h 10m in Nuclear Power Plant

Nuclear Fuel Rods are used as fuel in the Nuclear Power Plant at a rate of 1 rod every 5 minutes. They are turned into Nuclear Wastes throughout the burning process. They give off strong radiation.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Note: the crafting process of this item is not available in the Craft Bench, only in the Manufacturer. This is probably due to the radiation.

IngredientsTime (s)Product
25 ×  Encased Uranium Cell 150 1 ×   Nuclear Fuel Rod
3 ×  Encased Industrial Beam
5 ×  Electromagnetic Control Rod
50 ×  Encased Uranium Cell 300 3 ×   Nuclear Fuel Unit alt
10 ×  Electromagnetic Control Rod
3 ×  Crystal Oscillator
6 ×  Beacon
Input Buildings Ingredients Building Product
1 ×  Assembler  Encased Uranium Cell  (10/min)  Manufacturer0.4/min   Nuclear Fuel Rod
0.2 ×  Assembler Encased Industrial Beam  (1.2/min)
0.5 ×  Assembler Electromagnetic Control Rod  (2/min)
1 ×  Assembler  Encased Uranium Cell  (10/min)  Manufacturer0.6/min   Nuclear Fuel Unit alt
0.5 ×  Assembler Electromagnetic Control Rod  (2/min)
0.6 ×  Manufacturer Crystal Oscillator  (0.6/min)
0.16 ×  Manufacturer  Beacon  (1.2/min)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There are 3 known normal Uranium nodes. Each node with a Miner Mk.3, overclocked to 250% and using a Conveyor Belt Mk.5 or higher can produce 600/min Uranium ore for a total of 1,800/min. Using the alternative recipes, it is possible to produce 94.5/min Nuclear Fuel Rods. Since each rod 'burns' for 5 min at full power consumption, the rods can thus sustain 472.5 Nuclear Power Plants, which combined will produce 1 181 250 MW (or 1.18 TW) of power. Now your only problem is actually finding a use for that much power, finding a place for putting that many power plants, and dealing with the 2,362.5/min Nuclear Waste (a full Industrial Storage Container in 10.16 minutes). However, all of the power produced has to be fully utilized to produce that much waste.
  • Someone on Reddit built a 1TW setup.[1]

Usage[edit | edit source]

  • Nuclear Fuel Rods are used as fuel in the Nuclear Power Plant and each turn into 25 Nuclear Wastes.
  • Nuclear Fuel Rods can also be used as fuel in vehicles without producing any waste. Although it does make the vehicle in question radioactive. (Riding in a radioactive vehicle causes no damage to the player)

Used to craft[edit | edit source]

IngredientsTime (s)Product
1 ×  Nuclear Fuel Rod 300 25 ×   Nuclear Waste

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