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Can be used with the Nobelisk Detonator to blow up cracked boulders, vegetation or other vulnerable targets.
Type Explosive
Stack Size 50
Sink Value 980
Range 7.5 m
Damage ≤50 (explosion)
1 (impact)
Blueprint Path


Crafted In Assembler
Equipment Workshop
Crafting Time 20s
Manual Crafting Manual crafting.png×5
Pieces Made 1
Black Powder.png
Steel Pipe.png
Resources breakdown [Expand]
5 ×  Black Powder
5 ×  Coal
10 ×  Sulfur
10 ×  Steel Pipe
15 ×  Steel Ingot
15 ×  Iron Ore
15 ×  Coal
Total Base Ingredients
15 ×  Iron Ore
10 ×  Sulfur
20 ×  Coal

The Nobelisk is an explosive weapon that blows up in a 7.5 meters radius destroying cracked boulders, rocks and all sort of vegetation and alien life, dealing up to 50 damage. Damage quickly falls off further from the center of the explosion, in fact, it is almost impossible to receive full 50 points of damage because even standing on top of the Nobelisk it doesn't deal full damage.

Nobelisks can only be used with a  Nobelisk Detonator by holding LMB and letting go and then pressing RMB to detonate, as it serves as its ammo.

  • Nobelisks stick to any surface or creature they land on. Thrown Nobelisks cannot be retrieved in any manner.
  • There doesn't appear to be a limit on how many Nobelisks can be thrown at once. Once set to detonate, they will all explode in the order they were thrown.
  • If the creature or object the Nobelisk is sticked to dies or is destroyed, the Nobelisk will disappear. This makes it impossible to detonate Nobelisks thrown at Flying Crab Hatchers, as it will instantly activate the hatcher, removing the Nobelisk.

They can be crafted at the Equipment Workshop after researching the related Sulfur research node in the M.A.M.

Sticking a Nobelisk on a valid target deals minor damage of 1 (1/100 of Engineer HP).

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Crafting[edit | edit source]

IngredientsTime (s)Product
5 ×  Black Powder 20 1 ×   Nobelisk
10 ×  Steel Pipe
8 ×  Black Powder 40 4 ×   Seismic Nobelisk alt
8 ×  Steel Pipe
1 ×  Crystal Oscillator
Input Buildings Ingredients Building Product
2 ×  Assembler  Black Powder  (15/min)  Assembler3/min   Nobelisk
1.5 ×  Constructor Steel Pipe  (30/min)
1.6 ×  Assembler  Black Powder  (12/min)  Manufacturer6/min   Seismic Nobelisk alt
0.6 ×  Constructor Steel Pipe  (12/min)
1.5 ×  Manufacturer Crystal Oscillator  (1.5/min)

Usage[edit | edit source]

Used to craft

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Nobelisk thrown to the face of a charging Hog or Alpha Hog will stagger them and stop the charge, just like any other mean of damage. This will also scare off the Land Whale.
  • It seems that aliens take the most damage from the explosion at the center of their body. The Land Whale takes ~20 damage if Nobelisk is attached to its leg, ~27 to its head or tail and ~34 damage to its chest.
    • Despite this, the engineer will take the more damage from the explosion the closer the feet are to the Nobelisk. Standing right on top of one at the time of the explosion deals 47 damage.
  • A single, well placed Nobelisk can one-shot a Hog or a Spitter.
  • All types of Spitters can ignite a Nobelisk when their fire projectile collides with it. Other Nobelisks stay intact.
  • The name 'Nobelisk' may refer to Alfred Nobel, the inventor of Dynamite.

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