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Used for crafting.
Biomass burners and vehicles can use it for power.
Unlocked at Mycelia Research - Mycelia
Stack Size 200
Sink Value 10
Blueprint Path


Energy 20 MJ
Stack Energy 4 GJ
Burn Time
0.667s in Biomass Burner
0.364s in Tractor
0.267s in Truck
0.222s in Explorer
0.133s in Cyber Wagon
Stack Burn Time
2m 13.333s in Biomass Burner
1m 12.727s in Tractor
53.333s in Truck
44.444s in Explorer
26.667s in Cyber Wagon

Mycelia is a fungi-like crafting component. It can be found as small mushrooms in caves that can be picked up by hand, or as large mushrooms that require a Chainsaw to be cut. It can also appear on fallen trees, which have mushrooms growing on it. The production of Mycelia cannot be automated. It can be used to craft Medicinal Inhalers which restore health. It is also involved in the production of filters.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Mycelia can be collected from aforementioned mushroom plants by pressing the interact key (default E). Using the Chainsaw can speed up the gathering process.

Unlocking[edit | edit source]

 Mycelia is unlocked via the Mycelia Research chain in the M.A.M..png M.A.M. using:

Usage[edit | edit source]

Research[edit | edit source]

 Mycelia reveals the Mycelia Research chain in the M.A.M..png M.A.M. when picked up.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Biomass (Mycelia)
10 × Mycelia.png
150 / min
4 sec
Manual crafting.png × 1
10 × Biomass.png
150 / min
1.6 MJ / item
Mycelia Research - Mycelia
1 × Mycelia.png
15 / min
5 × Biomass.png
75 / min
4 sec
Manual crafting.png × 2
1 × Fabric.png
15 / min
60 MJ / item
Mycelia Research - Fabric
Medicinal Inhaler: Alien Organs
3 × Alien Organs.png
Alien Organs
5 × Mycelia.png
Equipment Workshop
Manual crafting.png × 5
1 × Medicinal Inhaler.png
Medicinal Inhaler
Alien Organisms - Medicinal Inhaler
Medicinal Inhaler
1 × Bacon Agaric.png
Bacon Agaric
2 × Paleberry.png
Equipment Workshop
Manual crafting.png × 5
1 × Medicinal Inhaler.png
Medicinal Inhaler
Mycelia Research - Medicinal Inhaler
3 × Beryl Nut.png
Beryl Nut
5 × Mycelia.png

AWESOME Sink[edit | edit source]

 Mycelia can be sunk into the AWESOME Sink.png AWESOME Sink to yield 10 points.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • As picking up Mycelia one-by-one is time consuming, it is advised to use a Chainsaw on a cluster of Mycelium for faster collection.

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