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Mercer Sphere
Mercer Sphere.png
A Weird alien thing with an impossibly smooth surface.
Unlocked at N/A
Stack Size 50

A Mercer Sphere is a small sphere that emits a strange aura, but currently does not otherwise have a purpose. There are 153 of them. In proximity to its natural location, before harvested, specific sounds can be played.

In alpha versions of the game, certain in-game messages would be received from Potentially, in-universe, these spheres are named after this character.

Message transcripts[edit | edit source]

Messages could be heard while in proximity to the Sphere for prolonged periods of time. Those include:

  • "Harvest."
  • "Comply."
  • (impatient) "Harvest. It."
  • "Harvest it."
  • "I strongly advise you to harvest this specimen."
  • "Your contract legally compels you to harvest this artifact."
  • "You are so lucky that you found this most valuable artifact."
  • "Picking up multiple FICSIT personal in the area, proceed with harvest before it's too late."
  • "Breaking news from Earth: widespread chaos and mayhem. World president urges all citizens to do their part and harvest alien artifacts."
  • "Relaying message: Hello this is (voice changes) paternal figure (voice changes back). I have taken ill and need your help to find a cure. Doctors say that the only remedy is alien artifacts."

The voice is not dissimilar to the one of ADA.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Mercer Spheres were named after Matthew Mercer, an American voice actor and host of the Dungeons and Dragons web series Critical Role.[1]

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History[edit | edit source]

  • It was once can be researched in the M.A.M to unlock a scanner upgrade for locating more of them. Currently this function is not available.