Manufacturer Mk.2

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Manufacturer Mk.2
The Manufacturer Mk.2 is 25% faster than a regular Manufacturer. Requires 60MW of power to operate.
Category Production
Subcategory Manufacturers
Unlocks at Tier 8
Power Usage 60 MW
Overclockable Yes
Inputs 4
Outputs 1
Width 18 m
Length 19 m
Height 8 m
Required Items
Heavy Modular Frame.png
Turbo Motor.png

The Manufacturer Mk.2 is an unreleased building that constructs 25% faster than the Mk.1 Manufacturer.

Recipes[edit | edit source]

Recipe NameCrafting Time (sec)IngredientsProducts
Adaptive Control Unit12015x  Automated Wiring7.5/min
10x  Circuit Board5.0/min
2x  Heavy Modular Frame1.0/min
2x  Computer1.0/min
2x  Adaptive Control Unit1/min
Battery328x  Alclad Aluminum Sheet15.0/min
16x  Wire30.0/min
20x  Sulfur37.5/min
8x  Plastic15.0/min
3x  Battery5.6/min
Beacon83x  Iron Plate22.5/min
1x  Iron Rod7.5/min
15x  Wire112.5/min
2x  Cable15.0/min
1x  Beacon7.5/min
alt Caterium Computer167x  Circuit Board26.3/min
28x  Quickwire105.0/min
12x  Rubber45.0/min
1x  Computer3.8/min
Computer2410x  Circuit Board25.0/min
9x  Cable22.5/min
18x  Plastic45.0/min
52x  Screw130.0/min
1x  Computer2.5/min
Crystal Oscillator12036x  Quartz Crystal18.0/min
28x  Cable14.0/min
5x  Reinforced Iron Plate2.5/min
2x  Crystal Oscillator1/min
alt Flexible Framework161x  Modular Frame3.8/min
6x  Steel Beam22.5/min
8x  Rubber30.0/min
2x  Versatile Framework7.5/min
Gas Filter85x  Coal37.5/min
2x  Rubber15.0/min
2x  Fabric15.0/min
1x  Gas Filter7.5/min
alt Heavy Encased Frame648x  Modular Frame7.5/min
10x  Encased Industrial Beam9.4/min
36x  Steel Pipe33.8/min
22x  Concrete20.6/min
3x  Heavy Modular Frame2.8/min
alt Heavy Flexible Frame165x  Modular Frame18.8/min
3x  Encased Industrial Beam11.3/min
20x  Rubber75.0/min
104x  Screw390.0/min
1x  Heavy Modular Frame3.8/min
Heavy Modular Frame305x  Modular Frame10.0/min
15x  Steel Pipe30.0/min
5x  Encased Industrial Beam10.0/min
100x  Screw200.0/min
1x  Heavy Modular Frame2/min
High-Speed Connector1656x  Quickwire210.0/min
10x  Cable37.5/min
1x  Circuit Board3.8/min
1x  High-Speed Connector3.8/min
alt High-Speed Wiring322x  Stator3.8/min
40x  Wire75.0/min
1x  High-Speed Connector1.9/min
4x  Automated Wiring7.5/min
alt Infused Uranium Cell12040x  Uranium Pellet20.0/min
45x  Sulfur22.5/min
45x  Silica22.5/min
75x  Quickwire37.5/min
35x  Encased Uranium Cell17.5/min
alt Insulated Crystal Oscillator3210x  Quartz Crystal18.8/min
7x  Rubber13.1/min
1x  A.I. Limiter1.9/min
1x  Crystal Oscillator1.9/min
Iodine Infused Filter161x  Gas Filter3.8/min
8x  Quickwire30.0/min
2x  Rubber7.5/min
1x  Iodine Infused Filter3.8/min
Modular Engine602x  Motor2.0/min
15x  Rubber15.0/min
2x  Smart Plating2.0/min
1x  Modular Engine1/min
Nuclear Fuel Rod15025x  Encased Uranium Cell10.0/min
3x  Encased Industrial Beam1.2/min
5x  Electromagnetic Control Rod2.0/min
1x  Nuclear Fuel Rod0.4/min
alt Nuclear Fuel Unit30050x  Encased Uranium Cell10.0/min
10x  Electromagnetic Control Rod2.0/min
3x  Crystal Oscillator0.6/min
6x  Beacon1.2/min
3x  Nuclear Fuel Rod0.6/min
alt Plastic Smart Plating241x  Reinforced Iron Plate2.5/min
1x  Rotor2.5/min
3x  Plastic7.5/min
2x  Smart Plating5/min
alt Radio Control System4810x  Heat Sink12.5/min
1x  Supercomputer1.3/min
30x  Quartz Crystal37.5/min
3x  Radio Control Unit3.8/min
Radio Control Unit244x  Heat Sink10.0/min
16x  Rubber40.0/min
1x  Crystal Oscillator2.5/min
1x  Computer2.5/min
1x  Radio Control Unit2.5/min
Rifle Cartridge201x  Beacon3.0/min
10x  Steel Pipe30.0/min
10x  Black Powder30.0/min
10x  Rubber30.0/min
5x  Rifle Cartridge15/min
alt Rigour Motor483x  Rotor3.8/min
3x  Stator3.8/min
1x  Crystal Oscillator1.3/min
6x  Motor7.5/min
alt Seismic Nobelisk408x  Black Powder12.0/min
8x  Steel Pipe12.0/min
1x  Crystal Oscillator1.5/min
4x  Nobelisk6/min
alt Signal Beacon1204x  Steel Beam2.0/min
16x  Steel Pipe8.0/min
1x  Crystal Oscillator0.5/min
20x  Beacon10/min
alt Silicone High-Speed Connector4060x  Quickwire90.0/min
25x  Silica37.5/min
2x  Circuit Board3.0/min
2x  High-Speed Connector3/min
Supercomputer322x  Computer3.8/min
2x  A.I. Limiter3.8/min
3x  High-Speed Connector5.6/min
28x  Plastic52.5/min
1x  Supercomputer1.9/min
Turbo Motor324x  Heat Sink7.5/min
2x  Radio Control Unit3.8/min
4x  Motor7.5/min
24x  Rubber45.0/min
1x  Turbo Motor1.9/min
alt Turbo Rigour Motor647x  Motor6.6/min
5x  Radio Control Unit4.7/min
9x  A.I. Limiter8.4/min
7x  Stator6.6/min
3x  Turbo Motor2.8/min

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