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Lizard Doggo
Lizard dog.png
The lizard doggo is a short reptilian dog, red in color and about the height of an engineer's knees.
Hitpoints 15
Behavior Friendly (tameable)

The Lizard Doggo is a short reptilian dog, red in color and about the height of an engineer's knees. It wanders around and will run from engineers, but can be baited with Paleberries. It is widely viewed as the game's mascot after its initial appearance in the teaser trailer, and was therefore the first thing ever revealed about the game, and the only thing until the E3 Reveal Trailer which feature the Lizard Doggo in addition to other features.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Lizard Doggo will normally run away from players, but if a Paleberry is dropped nearby, the lizard will eat it, and then if the player pets the lizard, as soon as it sticks its tongue out, the lizard will follow the player. While following or if a player can catch up to a fleeing one, the lizard doggo can be patted by pressing the use key (default E). It currently serves no real practical purposes. Although, it can occasionally find a small amount of ore, berries and nuts. It has a single inventory slot you can use if you don't mind making sure its pathing lets it keep up with you.

The following items can sometimes be found in the Lizard Doggo's inventory as time passes (This is not a complete list):

Ores Iron Ore.png Iron Ore  •  Copper Ore.png Copper Ore  •  Limestone.png Limestone  •  Coal.png Coal  •  Caterium Ore.png Caterium Ore  •  Sulfur.png Sulfur  •  S.A.M. Ore.png S.A.M. Ore  •  Raw Quartz.png Raw Quartz  •  Uranium.png Uranium
Flora and Fauna Leaves.png Leaves  •  Green Power Slug.png Green Power Slug  •  Yellow Power Slug.png Yellow Power Slug  •  Purple Power Slug.png Purple Power Slug  •  Mycelia.png Mycelia
Healing Items Beryl Nut.png Beryl Nut  •  Paleberry.png Paleberry  •  Bacon Agaric.png Bacon Agaric
Components Nuclear Waste.png Nuclear Waste[1]

If carrying Uranium or Nuclear Waste, the engineer will receive radiation damage, but the Lizard Doggo won't.

If killed, it will not drop any items.

The Lizard Doggo can forget that it has been tamed (it won't lose the items in its inventory and can be re-tamed).

Media appearances[edit | edit source]

  • It occupies the entirety of the teaser trailer and can be seen attempting to eat a paleberry, while construction work can be heard and shadows and lights can be seen coming from behind the camera.
  • In the E3 Reveal Trailer it can briefly be seen riding a conveyor belt at 1:48.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Lizard Doggo's name comes from the combination of its scaly appearance which suggests that it is some sort of reptile, but its behavior that is comparable to that of a domestic dog.
    • "Doggo" is an informal affectionate term for dog. It was initially used jokingly but made its way into the game itself.
    • The name "Lizard Doggo" was originally coined by YouTube commenter Chad Mojito[2].
    • The "Lizard Doggo" may even get its own plush in real life as said in Q&A #2.

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