Lizard Doggo

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Lizard Doggo
Lizard doggo.png
A short reptilian dog, orange in color and about the height of an engineer's knees.
Hitpoints 15
Behavior Friendly (tameable)

The Lizard Doggo is a short reptilian dog, orange in color and about the height of an engineer's knees. It has 4 eyes, long floppy ears, and short legs, with a shrimp-like tail and scales on the back resembling a carapace and a distinctive blue tongue. It occasionally makes a bird-like sound, and will also sneeze at random. It wanders around and will run away from sprinting engineers, but it can be baited with a Paleberry. It is widely viewed as the game's mascot after its initial appearance in the teaser trailer, and was the first and only thing revealed about the game until the E3 Reveal Trailer.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Wild Lizard Doggos are cautious and normally maintain at least 16 meters from walking engineers while looking at the engineer. They always flee from running engineers.

Taming[edit | edit source]

  • Bring a few Paleberry with you. Don't eat it.
    • Paleberries can be found around grassy biomes.
  • Look around until you find a Lizard Doggo. When they stare at you, stop moving.
    • If you are in running mode, press ⇧ Shift to toggle it to walking mode.
    • Unequip the Blade Runners.
    • If the engineer jumps too high or runs too far from the Lizard Doggos, they will run away.
  • Open Inventory. Hold down Right on Paleberry to custom split 1 from its stack. Drag 1 Paleberry outside the Inventory window to drop it.
    • If you drop multiple Paleberries as a stack, the Doggo may eat more than 1 berry which is a wastage.
  • Wait until the Doggo comes over and eats the berry. Do not move. Just look at it.
  • After they eat the berry, look at them and interact E to tame them. The taming probability is 100%.
  • Press E again and its inventory UI will pop out, showing only 1 empty inventory slot at the left. The engineer's inventory is at the right.
  • Press Esc to close the UI. Closing with the top right 'X' is glitchy, as it didn't close the UI properly.
  • Press ⇧ Shift to toggle back to running mode.
  • Bring the Lizard Doggo back to a pen, make sure they are following you.
    • Low-lying conveyor belts can block a Lizard Doggo's movement. Temporarily dismantle the conveyor belts where necessary.
    • Lizard Doggo cannot jump. When facing cliffs or ravine, you may need to build walkways or ramps for Lizard Doggo to cross.
  • Once the Lizard Doggos are safely contained within the pen, you may then safely equip the Blade Runners.

Lizard doggos can forget that they have been tamed, usually when their owner died and respawned. It will not lose the items in its inventory and can be re-tamed.

Lizard Doggos will try their best to follow their owner, but if the player moves too far away, the Lizard Doggo will run away. If the player returns to the Lizard Doggo (for example, from far away), the Lizard Doggo will appear to be joyful: it will jump around and swing its ears.

Lizard Doggos can be killed by the player, hostile creatures, and from falling too far. Avoid combat and great heights with Lizard Doggos around. It does not drop any items on death.

Generating items[edit | edit source]

Tamed Lizard Doggos can be kept in a makeshift farm in order to gather items frequently.

At random intervals, one of the following items is generated at random in varying quantities in a tamed Lizard Doggo's inventory:

Ores  Iron Ore  •   Copper Ore  •   Limestone  •   Coal  •   Caterium Ore  •   Sulfur  •   S.A.M. Ore  •   Raw Quartz  •   Uranium
Flora and Fauna  Leaves  •   Wood  •   Mycelia  •   Flower Petals  •   Green Power Slug  •   Yellow Power Slug  •   Purple Power Slug  •   Alien Carapace  •   Alien Organs
Healing Items  Beryl Nut  •   Paleberry  •   Bacon Agaric
Components  Nuclear Waste[1]

Within the Lizard Doggo's inventory, the items are generated out of thin air: they do not remove any items in the world: for example, when a Doggo generates a Green Power Slug, the number of Green Power Slug on the map will not reduce.

The Lizard Doggo can also be used as a mule of sorts, as the single inventory slot can be used to store an item. However, given the ease with which the Lizard Doggo is scared away, it is easy to lose items this way.

Nuclear Waste disposal[edit | edit source]

When carrying Uranium or Nuclear Waste, players receive radiation damage, but the Lizard Doggo does not. In addition, Nuclear Waste cannot be trashed, which makes it hard to dispose of. This can be dangerous at low tiers. To solve this, build 2 Storage Containers: One at the Lizard Doggo pen, the other at a location far away from the base, then connect them with a belt. If a Doggo brings you waste, first heal yourself to at least 30%, then pick up the waste and quickly dump it into the Container. The belt will send the waste to the 2nd storage and this minimizes the received Radiation damage.

Another quick and dirty way is to kill the Lizard Doggo carrying the waste. Lizard doggos will respawn after approximately 3 in-game days (3 x 50 minutes) which only makes this method viable for the most patient players as respawning doggos will need to be found and tamed before being able to feed them more waste.

Multiplayer[edit | edit source]

  • In a multiplayer game, only the player who tamed the Doggo by petting it is able to interact with it and access its inventory.

Current issues[edit | edit source]

  • The Lizard Doggo's UI does not properly close when clicking the 'X' button. To properly close it, press Esc.
  • Lizard Doggos can easily fall off high ledges, including elevated foundations, and die from fall damage. Avoid keeping them in high places.

Media appearances[edit | edit source]

  • It occupies the entirety of the teaser trailer and can be seen attempting to eat a paleberry, while construction work can be heard and shadows and lights can be seen coming from behind the camera.
  • In the E3 Reveal Trailer it can briefly be seen riding a conveyor belt at 1:48.
  • It also made its appearance at the end of the Update 3 trailer.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Lizard Doggo's name comes from the combination of its scaly appearance which suggests that it is some sort of reptile, but its behavior is comparable to that of a domestic dog.
  • "Doggo" is an informal affectionate term for a dog. It was initially used jokingly but made its way into the game itself.
  • The name "Lizard Doggo" was originally coined by YouTube commenter Chad Mojito[2].
  • The "Lizard Doggo" may even get its own plush in real life as said in Q&A #2.
  • Internally, it is referred to as "Space Rabbit".
  • Lizard Doggos are supposed to be a cross of a rabbit and a shrimp that acts like a dog.
  • To transport Lizard Doggos over long range, try to get them on top of a train or freight car, then drive the train home. Make sure they don't get off halfway.

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