Jungle Finch

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Jungle Finch
Jungle Finch feeding.png
A small flightless bird that sticks to the undergrowth
Hitpoints 10
Behavior Passive

The Jungle Finch (unofficial name) is a small flightless bird that sticks to the undergrowth. It has a colorful plumage with green upper parts and blue underparts. It has a small blue crest or tufted feathers on the crown. The bare tail is black. It use its four-parted bill and three tongues to mimic the petals and pistils of a flower to lure in unsuspecting insects that it feed on. It is harmless and tend to avoid people that comes close to it, and might even fly short stretches if sufficiently disturbed.[1]

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Behavior[edit | edit source]

The finch wanders around, and is passive toward engineers but will run if attacked.

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