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Jace is a D+ troll (at bare minimum),[1] programmer and community manager at Coffee Stain Studios.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Confusing poor wiki editors with totally legit and sensible sounding features that totally don't exist.[2]

The End of Jace[edit | edit source]

Simon Saga Episode 13[edit | edit source]

On Feb 27, 2019, In episode 13 of "Simon Saga",[3] During a meeting Simon states they must "end Jace". After this the screen goes black and it says "Simon Saga Final March 4, 2019", this implied that Jace will be 'ended' on that date.

Simon Saga Final[edit | edit source]

On Mar 4, 2019, in episode 14 of "Simon Saga" Jace is seen entering Coffee Stain Studios. After noticing that everyone has become Simon, he runs into the basement. The Simons explain they need the keys and must kill Jace for them, Jace is then turned into a Simon.

References[edit | edit source]