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R&D inflated your pocket-dimension.

The Inventory is where engineers store items and equip equipment and consumables. Its size can be upgraded with various milestones. The starting size is 16 slots, and the current maximum size is 65 slots. There is also a trash slot which will destroy any items dragged into it, except for Nuclear Waste.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Quick transfer — Items can be quickly transferred to/from the inventory by holding ⇧ Left Shift when left-clicking an item.
  • Mass transfer — All items of the same type will be transferred when dragging an item followed by holding Ctrl and drag into another inventory.
  • Splitting stacksRIGHT CLICK will split a stack in half. Holding down RIGHT CLICK and moving the cursor allows splitting off specific amounts.
  • Sorting — Inventories (including storage buildings) have a button to sort all items.
  • Hotbar — Items in the inventory can't go into the hotbar. Use the MOUSE WHEEL to scroll between hand slots.
  • EquipDOUBLE CLICK or ⇧ Shift + LEFT CLICK will equip items in the hand or body slot.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Tier Milestone Inventory slots Hand slots
0 Hub Upgrade 2 2
0 Hub Upgrade 3 1
0 Hub Upgrade 4 1
0 Hub Upgrade 5 1 1
1 Personal Storage 5
2 Obstacle Clearing 5
2 Expanded Pocket Dimension 5
3 Rebar Gun 1
3 Caterium Technology 5
4 Improved Melee Combat 5 1
4 Explosives 5 1
5 Inflated Pocket Dimension 5
6 Jetpack 5
6 Advanced Caterium Electronics 4
8 Improved Manufacturing (currently unavailable) 5
8 Improved Smelting (currently unavailable) 5

Hand and body slot[edit | edit source]

An inventory with a Xeno-Basher equipped in the hand slot and an empty body slot

In the game there are 5 hand slots and 1 body slot. MOUSE WHEEL up/down to scroll to between different hand slots.

To equip item or body equipment into slots, you can either drag, shift-click or double click that item in the inventory window. To use a consumable, such as a healing item, MOUSE WHEEL until it is in your hand then LEFT CLICK to consume.

Item/Equipment Slot Type Ammo
Xeno-Zapper Hand Melee Weapon -
Beryl Nut Hand Healing, consumable -
Paleberry Hand Healing, consumable -
Bacon Agaric Hand Healing, consumable -
Portable Miner Hand Placable -
Chainsaw Hand Equipment Biofuel
Object Scanner Hand Equipment -
Beacon Hand Placable -
Color Gun Hand Equipment Color Cartridge
Rebar Gun Hand Ranged Weapon Spiked Rebar
Rebar Scatter Gun
(currently unavailable)
Hand Ranged Weapon Spiked Rebar
Xeno-Basher Hand Melee Weapon -
Medicinal Inhaler Hand Healing, consumable -
Nobelisk Detonator Hand Explosive Weapon Nobelisk
Rifle Hand Ranged Weapon Cartridge
Rifle Mk.2
(currently unavailable)
Hand Ranged Weapon Cartridge
Parachute Body Equipment, consumable -
Blade runners Body Equipment -
Jetpack Body Equipment Fuel
Heat Resistant Suit Body Equipment ??
Gasmask Body Equipment Filter
Radioactivity Resistant Suit Body Equipment Iodine Infused Filter