Industrial Storage Container

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Industrial Storage Container
Industrial Storage Container.png
Contains 48 slots for storing large amounts of items. Has an input and output for conveyor belts.
Category Organization
Subcategory Storage
Unlocks at Tier 4
Power Usage 0 MW
Overclockable No
Inputs 2
Outputs 2
Width 5m
Length 10m
Height 8m
Encased Industrial Beam.png
Steel Pipe.png
Resources breakdown [Expand]
15 ×  Encased Industrial Beam
75 ×  Concrete
225 ×  Limestone
60 ×  Steel Beam
180 ×  Steel Ingot
270 ×  Iron Ore
270 ×  Coal
15 ×  Steel Pipe
15 ×  Steel Ingot
23 ×  Iron Ore
23 ×  Coal
Total Base Ingredients
225 ×  Limestone
293 ×  Iron Ore
293 ×  Coal

The Industrial Storage Container is a more advanced version of the Storage Container with the same function. This version is twice as tall, stores 48 items, and costs more. It has 2 inputs and 2 outputs.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Useful to store large amount of items, such as Nuclear Waste.
  • It does not work as a belt balancer, due to strange priorities caused by the order of belt connections.