Industrial Storage Container

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Industrial Storage Container
Industrial Storage Container.png
Contains 48 slots for storing large amounts of items. Has an input and output for conveyor belts.
Category Organization
Subcategory Storage
Unlocks at Tier 4

Power Usage 0 MW
Overclockable No
Inputs 2
Outputs 2
Width 5 m
Length 10 m
Height 8 m
Steel Beam.png
Steel Pipe.png
Resources breakdown [Expand]
20 ×  Steel Beam
80 ×  Steel Ingot
80 ×  Iron Ore
80 ×  Coal
20 ×  Steel Pipe
30 ×  Steel Ingot
30 ×  Iron Ore
30 ×  Coal
Total Base Ingredients
110 ×  Iron Ore
110 ×  Coal

The Industrial Storage Container is a more advanced version of the Storage Container with the same function. This version is twice as tall, stores 48 items, and costs more. It has 2 inputs and 2 outputs.

Solution as Overflow-Splitter[edit | edit source]

This section may be incorrect. For the time being, please avoid using this method for an overflow splitter (Apparently the loading order is still inconsistent for some players or between updates, and it sometimes works only within a game session).

The output you connect first will be prioritized. If this output can handle the sum of all inputs, all items will go that way. So use high tier belts. If the input rate is infinite (when a container is full), it splits equal to both belts with their respective max output-rate. If the first placed output can't handle the sum of the inputs, the second output becomes active.

  • Notice that the "first" and "second" placed output can change after loading if you use a belt of different tiers. Due to the loading order, the lower-tiered belts become the "first" placed. So check it sometimes.


  • Storage full, no input -> MK3 Output (1st-placed) 270 & MK3 Output (2nd placed) 270
  • MK3 Input 270 -> MK3 Output (1st-placed) 270 & MK3 Output (2nd placed) 0
  • MK3 Input 270 -> MK1 Output (1st-placed) 60 & MK3 Output (2nd placed) 230
  • MK1 Input 60 -> MK3 Output (1st-placed) 60 & MK1 Output (2nd placed) 0 (check below)

After Loading:

  • MK1 Input 60 -> MK3 Output (1st-placed, last loaded) 0 & MK1 Output (2nd placed, first loaded) 60

Last tested on Early Acces CL#117657.

Tips[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

  • Patch 0.1.5: Renamed Storage Container Mk.2 to Industrial Storage Container
    • Added a second input and output to the Industrial Storage Container (previously Storage Container Mk.2)