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Indicator Light

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Indicator Light
Indicator Light.png
An Indicator Light, which is attached to all buildings that have a power connector.

Indicator Lights are tube lights situated on all electricity-powered and generator buildings that reflect the building's operating state. There are five total operating states they can display. Indicator Lights have a hitbox and cannot be walked through, but structures such as walkways can be built through them if they aren't within the hitbox of a building.

The only exception are crashed FICSIT Freighters and the AWESOME Sink, which have a power connector but lack Indicator Lights.

States[edit | edit source]

Color Meaning Cause
Not functioning
  • Power is not being supplied (production buildings)
  • Power Line connection is missing (generators)
  • The fuse has been triggered (production buildings are without power and all connected generators stop operating)
  • The recipe is not configured (production buildings)
Powered, not operating
  • Insufficient materials are present in the machine to operate
  • The output slot or fluid tank is full
  • The building is manually set to standby mode with the standby switch
  • Miner is powered but has depleted a S.A.M. Ore resource node (until the game is reloaded)
  • Hyper Tube Entrance is powered but not connected to a Hyper Tube
  • Pipeline Pump is powered but fluid is not flowing through
    • The Pump is not connected to a Pipeline on both ends
    • There is no fluid to be moved or nowhere to move it to
    • Head lift is exceeded
  • The building is working
    • Generators idling due to not enough power being demanded will be in this state, despite not consuming any fuel
  • Same as green state, but the building is also overclocked (green is shown when underclocked)
  • This state only appears on unfinished or improperly implemented buildings, it cannot occur during normal gameplay
  • Presumably the default state when the light isn't set to react to the condition of the building
  • This state could be seen in some old UI icons of buildings and in some official game trailers

History[edit | edit source]