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Hyper Tube Support

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Hyper Tube Support
Hyper Tube Support.png
Supports for Hyper Tubes to allow for longer distances.
Unlocked at Tier 4 - Hyper Tubes
Category Transportation
Subcategory Hyper Tubes
Width 2 m
Length 1 m
Height 3 m
Required Items
Iron Plate.png

The Hyper Tube Support is a building used to support the Hyper Tube. When situated at the end of the tube, it can be used to exit it, but not to enter, where a Hyper Tube Entrance has to be used instead.

Construction[edit | edit source]

  • Its horizontal angle can be changed by scrolling. After choosing the location, its height can be increased by looking up or down and its vertical angle by scrolling. The Entrance can be attached to it once it's been built.
  • A Hyper Tube Support is needed for every 100 meters of Hyper Tube, however it can be deconstructed and yet a new Hyper Tube can be snapped to the tube without the support.

History[edit | edit source]

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