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This page will serve as a basic how to play guide for Satisfactory. Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions.

Basic Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Satisfactory is a game about automation and efficiency. Build and expand your factory to automate the resources required to progress through Milestones, culminating in a fully-upgraded Space Elevator for Project Assembly. As you complete each tier, the requirements for the next tier become increasingly complex and time-consuming to fulfill, so you must expand your factory to produce the required parts automatically and efficiently.

The game starts in the establishing stage, as you land on the alien planet with only HUB Parts and basic tools to build The HUB. ADA will guide you through most of the early game, guiding you to scan nearby Iron Ore deposits with your scanner (default C), and encouraging you to build the HUB near it. You will then be presented with Milestones to be completed. Pay attention to the rewards the early ones give and start building automation machines as soon as they become available.

In the development stage more advanced recipes and buildings will become available, including the Space Elevator. Completing deliveries in the space elevator will make new milestones available, which after completion can in turn be used to further assist the successive deliveries.

Tips and Tricks[edit | edit source]

  • In early game, pick up leaves as you walk. They are essential biomass as an early-game power source.
  • Almost every resource patch is guarded by creatures such as Fluffy-tailed Hogs. Approach with caution and kill it. Pay attention to the sound they make.
  • Remove the deposits that rest on the resource node so that you can place a Miner on it. You need to hand-mine it. The deposit give you 50-100+ ores.
  • Leave sufficient space between buildings so that you can connect them with belts later.
  • After placing a Constructor, buffer it with a Storage Container by placing after it to have a consistent supply of components ready to go.
  • Watch out for power demand. Make sure the power capacity is always higher than the peak power demand.
  • A Power Pole has 4 connections, 2 for buildings, 2 for chaining to other poles. Later in the game you will have better options.
  • You can align your buildings by looking for the thick green lines. Build foundations for easier snapping.
  • Be creative. Use belts, ladders or foundations to reach hard-to-access areas.
  • The quickest route to coal power is Hub Upgrade 5 -> Part Assembly (Tier 2) -> Space Elevator first delivery -> Coal Power. After getting the coal power set up, come back and complete the Tier 1 Milestones.
  • Use the Conveyor Pole Stackable & Conveyor Lifts for elevated conveyors combined with Splitter for the most efficient use of ground space.
  • While your factory is slowly crafting the parts, you could bring your weapon and explore the World.
  • Some treasures are located on the high ground. Others are hidden inside caves.
  • When taking a screenshot with the in-game tool (default P), the screenshot will be saved at Documents\My Games\FactoryGame\Screenshot. Un-equipping the handheld item before entering photo mode allows for an unobstructed screenshot.
  • You can use photo mode as binoculars by zooming in (use the Mouse wheel to change the FOV).
  • Do not panic if you get yourself killed, you can always make your way back to the location of the death to get back your items.
  • Red berries refills 1 hp bar, nuts refills half a hp bar, redish muchrooms also fill 2 hp, do not go nuts (pun intended) with eating them, you need them(all 3) to make the 'health inhalator' later-on to restore your complete health back to 100% (see Health).

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