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Health points (a.k.a HitPoints) refers to the amount of damage one can take before becoming dead/destroyed.

Below is the list of things with health point:

Note that all things not listed above, including player built structures, do not have hit points, and thus cannot be damaged by any means.

The player controlled character, the Engineer has 100 health points divided into 10 segments, 10 HP each.

Death[edit | edit source]

If the health reaches 0, the engineer dies. A prompt will be pop up which allows the engineer to be re-spawned, by pressing LEFT CLICK. All items in the inventory will drop in the player crate at the location of the engineer's corpse, which its direction will be indicated on the compass. Player will then be re-spawned at The HUB with 30 health points. The player crate stays there until the player choose to loot its contents back, even if the player dies to the void.

Regeneration[edit | edit source]

When the health is below 30, the health bar will become flashing red. If the engineer has not taken damage for 50 seconds, the health will slowly regenerates back up to 30 health.

Healing items[edit | edit source]

Healing items must be consumed to restore health beyond 30, up to 100 (full health). You can still consume healing items while at full health, however those will be wasted.

Name Health restored
Beryl Nut.png Beryl Nut 5 HP
Paleberry.png Paleberry 10 HP
Bacon Agaric.png Bacon Agaric 20 HP
Medicinal Inhaler.png Medicinal Inhaler 100 HP

Damage sources[edit | edit source]

Damage Source Amount Description
Fall 1 to 100 See section below.
Fluffy-tailed Hog 10 Tackle attack
Alpha Hog 20
Tackle attack
Bite attack
Spitter 5
Melee fireball
Ranged fireball
Alpha Spitter 10 Each fireball attack
Stinger 10
Small stinger claw attack
Large and elite stinger claw attack or jump attack
Elite stinger poison attack, 5 per second
Flying Crab 5 Tackle attack
Poison Gas 5 Poison damage from Poison Pillar, Spore Flower and Elite Stinger which deals 5 per second.
Radiation 1 Variable rate, up to 20 per second.
Out of bound/Void 1 Up to 5 per second. Continue reading: World
Nobelisk 47
Explosion damage
Thrown damage

Fall damage[edit | edit source]

Falling from a height of more than approximately 13 meters (3.25 foundation heights) result in fall damage. A fall of more than approximately 69 meters (17.25 foundation heights) will kill the engineer with full health. Fall damage can be prevented with a U-Jelly Landing Pad, Parachute or Jetpack. Fall damage is slightly reduced when a pair of Blade Runners are equipped. With Blade Runners the fall damage is capped at 95, so at full health it is possible to survive the fall from any height.