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The HUD or Heads Up Display is a graphical interface overlaid onto the screen to give the engineer information. It includes a cross-hair, compass, hotbar, the hotkey tool-tip, health bar, and equipment status.

Compass[edit | edit source]

The compass, showing three vehicle icons and the speculated waypoint icon.

The compass shows the cardinal directions relative to the engineer's current facing and also indicates the directions of vehicles with an icon. It also shows the direction of waypoints from the HUB or beacons.

Hotbar[edit | edit source]

The hotbar, showing several vehicles and related buildings.

The hotbar is a list of numbered slots, similar to hotbars found in many other games. Placeable entities such as vehicles and buildings can be placed in the slots, allowing them to be selected and placed.

Tool-tip[edit | edit source]

The Tool-tip, showing several icons and their keyboard shortcuts.

The tool-tip menu lists several tool icons and their associated hotkeys.

Vehicle status[edit | edit source]

The Vehicle Status pane, showing a fuel icon and the Self driving menu hotkey.

This is displayed when the engineer is piloting a vehicle, and gives information about that vehicle, including its current fuel, and an unknown blue bar.

Photo mode[edit | edit source]

Pressing p will bring up the photo mode, which removes the HUD elements, allows changing the field of view, and toggling of a Hi-Res mode.

Screenshots can be found in AppData\Local\FactoryGame\Saved\Screenshots\WindowsNoEditor or Documents\My Games\FactoryGame\Screenshots.